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Applicant Tracking Basics – Why You Need an ATS

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Almost everyone in Human Resources knows what an applicant tracking system (ATS) is and a good majority may already have one in place at their company. Yet, for various reasons, some have not quite bought in to the need for an ATS. Criticisms include ATS systems create a less personal process for interacting with candidates and resumes/applications become more standard and robotic. Others argue that by requiring certain information fields, ATS’s makes it easier to discriminate. ATS’s definitely have their pros and cons, but all-in-all, they...

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Winning The Talent War – A 2015 Recruitment Outlook

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At a recent recruiting conference, LinkedIn and KPMG executives presented on ways to win the talent war in 2015. A top takeaway was the fact that approximately 63% of recruiters surveyed projected an increase in hiring volume in 2015, compared to just under 45% for 2014. These findings translate similarly into international markets, as well. Knowing that competition is going to increase as more Baby Boomers retire, winning in 2015 is going to take preparation. Here are a few other presentation takeaways to help better prepare you for the...

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Recruiter Talk – Implementing Recruiting Software

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Recruiting technology review website Software Advice recently polled  100 recruiters to determine what their thoughts were regarding implementing recruiting software – specifically the accompanying value, benefits and obstacles. In the compiled report, the key findings were: “The vast majority of recruiters (89 percent) said that recruiting technology was either “extremely” or “very” important to performing their jobs well.” 91 percent of recruiters are currently using some form of recruitment technology to aid in hiring and selection....

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Small Business Bootcamp: More Tips for Successful Hiring

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Now that you’re armed with a little more information on starting the hiring process and identifying the right type of hire (refer to the previous articles here and here), let’s discuss a few other things to consider as you plan to add to your current staff. Small businesses provide over 50 percent of all U.S. jobs and Huffington Post reports that small businesses also added 82,000 jobs in April (via a recent ADP report), up from the addition of 75,000 jobs in January. With turnover having a more dramatic impact on small businesses...

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Small Business Bootcamp: Independent Contractor or Employee?

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Now that you have your hiring methods down (refer to last week’s article), let’s go over a few things to keep in mind as you plan to increase staff and manage new employees. One major hurdle for small business hiring is determining whether your most recent staff addition should be classified as a contractor or an employee. Score.org (a nonprofit association dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground, grow and achieve their goals) can help you figure out the difference. When you need to bring in more help, the first thing to...

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Small Business Bootcamp: Getting Back Into the Hiring Game

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Automated Data Processing reported that small businesses added 75,000 jobs in January. If you are part of a small business that took a hit in the latest recession, you may have been out of the game recently when it comes to hiring. With the market swinging upwards for small business growth, it is time to review effective hiring methods that can be used in even the smallest of organizations. Here are 6 ideas from Forbes to get back in the game: Measure passion. Skills and talent are important, but you must also take into account whether...

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Small Business Tech Spotlight on Nimble

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The integration of social media into business processes is not just for the big players. Small businesses can take advantage of the benefits of social media, as well. New-to-the-market app Nimble touts itself as the “only solution to offer small businesses the best features of high-end CRM systems combined with the power of social media.” Planning a launch for next month, co-founders Darren Bounds, Dennis Eusebio, and Grant Fields want Nimble to be the “simplest way for small businesses to attract and connect with their next hire.”...

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Applicant Tracking Systems for Small Businesses

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Depending on the position you are hiring for, a recruitment campaign or job posting can generate a candidate pool hitting the hundred or more mark. If you are hiring for 20 positions, that is 2,000+ candidates that you will have to log, track and keep notes on at any given time. With that in mind, how many organizations are still using spreadsheets and manual processes to manage their applicants? A recent study by software consulting company Software Advice found that while the number of companies utilizing manual methods has declined since...

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The Millennial Workforce – Money, Power or None of the Above?

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If you were given the choice between an increase in salary and a better job title with no pay increase, which would you choose? Ten years ago, the majority of candidates would choose a salary increase without hesitation. It seems that it has always been about making a better wage…until recently. Now, more often than not, the answer is “a better title” or even indifference, “whichever choice at that time in my life would make me the happiest.” Employees are less focused on the bottom dollar today and, in general, are focusing more and more on...

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The Millennial Workforce – Why Businesses May Need to Change Their Current Strategies

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Gen Y is not like any generation before them. They have different values, different motivators and a completely different view of the world. However, as Generation Y continues to take over more of the workforce, understanding what makes them tick may be the key to future business success.   An article was recently posted on LinkedIn that brilliantly sheds a little light on the Millennial mindset. Written by Ashley Caldwell, a Gen Y entrepreneur, the explanation is given as to why Millennials don’t subscribe to the mindset of just doing...

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