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The Millennial Workforce – Money, Power or None of the Above?

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If you were given the choice between an increase in salary and a better job title with no pay increase, which would you choose? Ten years ago, the majority of candidates would choose a salary increase without hesitation. It seems that it has always been about making a better wage…until recently. Now, more often than not, the answer is “a better title” or even indifference, “whichever choice at that time in my life would make me the happiest.” Employees are less focused on the bottom dollar today and, in general, are focusing more and more on...

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The Millennial Workforce – Why Businesses May Need to Change Their Current Strategies

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Gen Y is not like any generation before them. They have different values, different motivators and a completely different view of the world. However, as Generation Y continues to take over more of the workforce, understanding what makes them tick may be the key to future business success.   An article was recently posted on LinkedIn that brilliantly sheds a little light on the Millennial mindset. Written by Ashley Caldwell, a Gen Y entrepreneur, the explanation is given as to why Millennials don’t subscribe to the mindset of just doing...

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Employee Happiness – Increasing Productivity and Success Through Engagement

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Job satisfaction and happiness not only keeps employees from turning over, it also increases productivity. Forbes cites a recent study from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania which proved what we’ve know for a while to be true: employees with high levels of job satisfaction perform better than those without. In fact, engaged employees are found to be 12 percent more productive to be exact. Armed with this data, you would assume employers would spend more time and energy making sure their employees were engaged...

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The Columbia Business School published research (Team Interdependence Determines When More Talent Is Too Much Versus Not Enough) on the ways in which having too much talent on one team can cause a peak and eventual downturn in performance. The question was posed as to “when and why high levels of talent reduce team performance”. The phenomenon, coined the “Too-Much-Talent Effect”, is evaluated in this paper by Roderick Swaab, Insead Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour, and the students and professors he collaborated with for his...

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Hiring Generation Y – Time to Change Your Current Strategy?

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This topic has been run through the mill countless times, however, as more and more Generation Y workers take their place in Corporate America, it is helpful to remind ourselves why recruitment strategies must be altered and/or expanded when hiring Gen Y candidates. It used to be that a Gen Y interviewee would be quick to distance themselves from the seemingly negative stereotypes and judgments bestowed upon them. Now, an increasing number of youthful candidates embrace these stereotypes and make no excuses for them, as they shouldn’t. A...

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Social Media’s Influence on Talent Acquisition

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Glassdoor recently reported that 96% of the online population belongs to at least one social network. Add that to the fact that 47% of today’s workforce was born after 1980 (and by 2025, more than 75% of workers will be come from the “social media generation” having grown up with internet and social networks) and begin to understand just how influential social media will continue to become in regards to the way we approach talent acquisition. Here are a few key ways social media has made an impact:   Sourcing Obviously placing an...

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Mobile Recruitment – Why Your Current Strategy May Be Failing

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Mobile recruitment is a relatively new strategy in talent acquisition. An increasing number of organizations are employing mobile capabilities in their recruitment processes, as the applicant pool moves to tablets and cell phones as their method of choice. Huffington Post estimates that 33 percent of all Fortune 500 companies now have mobile-friendly career sites. For those that have not jumped on the mobile bandwagon, various factors are taken into account. It may be a lack of resources, lack of upper-management buy-in or it may be that a...

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Social Media Spotlight on Skype – How to Master the Video Interview

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In this day and age of technological advancements, the use of video interviewing is becoming more prevalent. Resources such as Skype allow recruiters the convenience of a phone interview with the advantage of a face-to-face interview. Skype interviews save time and money and can be much more beneficial than a standard phone interview for not much more cost or commitment. Recruitment consulting firm JCSI expands upon what recruiters should be thinking about as they venture into the video recruitment territory. Avoiding these “snags” can help...

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Social Media Spotlight on Jive

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Continuing with the social media-centered series of posts into the Enterprise Social Media sector, let’s talk about Jive. What is the idea behind or purpose of Jive?  Founded in 2001, Jive is a social business software company. Launching social enterprise software with the same name, Jive SBS3.0 was introduced in 2009. How many current Jive users are there and/or how popular is Jive? Estimated at around 15 million total users, this number represents both community forum users and social networking software users. Today, Jive is one of the top...

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Social Media Spotlight on Chatter

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Continuing with the expansion of the social media-centered series of posts into the Enterprise Social Media sector, let’s chat about Chatter. What is the idea behind or purpose of Chatter? Launched by Salesforce.com in 2010, Chatter is an enterprise social collaboration tool, similar in concept to Yammer, Jive, Tibbr and others. Technology information website Work Intelligent describes Chatter as “a robust communication tool, complete with Facebook-like walls, document sharing, meeting creation, lead management, and issue resolution...

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