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Employee Referrals: The Risk of Hiring Relatives

by Nanci Lamborn It’s one of the most unnerving statements an employee can make to the Hiring Manager while dropping off the resume of a referral. “She’s my (sister-cousin-mother-daughter-lover-ex-wife-fiancée.) She’s really smart, she works real hard, and I heard you’re interviewing, right? I told her you might give her a call.” Oh my lordamercy. Oops,…

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Can a Slob Survive Today's Unforgiving Job Market?

by Nanci Lamborn – Blogger/Writer – BrightMove Recruiting Software This week I was planning to post the continuation of last week’s article about the pros and cons of hiring inside referrals. But a story I just read piqued my interest, sending me down memory lane to discover some truths about some ugly habits and some…

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