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Formal or Familiar: Which Communication Style Should Candidates Use?

by Nanci Lamborn – BrightMove Recruiting Software There is no denying that corporate America has grown more casual. From informal dress codes to casual Friday, what used to be a commonly “Buttoned Up” society has now gone button-down, button-fly and button-less. (And if you missed the “casual day” commercial by Careerbuilder during that Big-Football-Bowl-Game-ala-Super, check…

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BrightMove Recruiting Software Announces TalentHook Integration

Enhanced Internet Resume Search integration option allows clients to use TalentHook functionality to search thousands of resume sites. Resource Edge, LLC, creators of TalentHook, the recruitment industry’s fastest resume spidering solution featuring thousands of domestic and international resume websites, has completed a custom integration with BrightMove, Inc., a best in class Saas recruiting software solution.…

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BrightMove Hits a Home Run with Their New Recruiting Software Release

BrightMove, Inc. is excited to announce the release of BrightMove Recruiting Software Generation 6. BrightMove has completely redesigned their user experience offering an unprecedented amount of flexibility to recruiters designed to make good recruiters into Rock Stars. “With an keen eye on ensuring recruiting efficiency, ease of use and quick access to metrics, we completely…

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Committing the Crime of a Mis-hire: Who is Really to Blame?

by Nanci Lamborn – Writer/Blogger/HR Practitioner – BrightMove Recruiting Software The forbidding yellow file lurked in my chair as I walked into my office, a file made all the more daunting by the Pink Form of Woe just visible from the corners within the folder. Bob’s personnel file. I knew it sat on my chair…

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