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Suit Required: How Dress Codes May Affect the Quantity or Quality of Interested Candidates

An employee turns over (apparently they don’t see in your company what you do, obviously their loss). This vacancy needs to be filled quickly and being the diligent hiring manager that you are, the position is soon posted in every possible location. Resumes begin pouring in and before you can say “Talent Acquisition”, a surmounting pile of hundreds of aspiring employees is awaiting judgment. Instead of crawling under the desk to hide, consider some strategic tips aimed at trimming down that mound of applicants.

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C’s Make Degrees: Are You Filtering Good Candidates With GPAs Below 3.0?

For those of us who have been required, scratch that, privileged, enough to recruit college students, screening resumes can be…interesting. You scan a resume, review the candidate’s education, and notice they conveniently left off their GPA. Uh-oh. They might as well list “didn’t study enough” under the activities and interests section. What is often overlooked, however, is for those that may not have studied as hard, the extracurricular activities list is typically in abundance. What do you make of that? If they weren’t studying, they were filling their schedules with something else. It’s the recruiter’s job to find out what it was and whether or not the skills acquired from those interests are of any value to an organization.

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Whos' Who: Is There Any Virtue in Vanity Publishing?

Last week I received a resume from a candidate who listed in the “Accomplishments” section of his resume that he had been named in the 2009 Who’s Who in America’s Colleges and Universities. Upon reading this line, I had a flashback to my own baccalaureate transition and a similar “honor” that I once also claimed. I recalled the inflated pride as this lofty commendation with which I had been bestowed came to life within the hallowed pages of this renowned volume, pride which was smashed to smithereens when I realized that my twenty-five hard earned bucks had purchased me my own memoriam of a teensy line amongst thousands of other teensy lines and a photo one-sixth the size of a postage stamp. File that lesson under “G” for Gullible.

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