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Get Together: Organized Activities Help Attract & Retain Young Talent

Year after year, more of the youth belonging to Generation Y enter the workforce. As they research potential companies and employment options, questions are posed rivaling those of experience workers: what is the pay; where is the job located; what are the hours; what are the benefits? But with these questions, also comes a few nontraditional inquiries including concern over the type of work environment and company atmosphere as well as the relationships between colleagues. More specifically, what type of company extracurricular activities does the corporation participate in?

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Age is But a Number: Baby Boomers Are Getting In Line to Fill Internships

When you say the word “intern”, what image comes to mind? A snot-nosed college kid trying to jumpstart their career? Maybe a twenty-something young woman who still isn’t sure what she’d like to do with her life? Both are fairly stereotypical. But what about a 50-year-old accountant with 30 years of experience under their belt? No? Well get ready, because the stereotype is about to change.

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Don't Be Anti-Social: Embrace the Advances in Employee Referral Programs

Many HR processes have been transformed in the recent past as the evolution of social media has given rise to new HR issues and methods. Traditional employee recruitment practices are now a small piece of a much larger puzzle. Placing an online or paper ad, networking at trade shows and other events, sourcing internal candidates, or gaining employee referrals – these are all still effective ways to accumulate potential hires, yet many of these have been affected by social media.

In a previous recruitment blog post, the pros and cons of Employee Referral Programs (ERPs) were discussed, ultimately concluding that ERPs are a proven way to source talent. But what if you are a smaller corporation or the well of referrals from current employees has run dry? Thanks to social media, there are up and coming forms of ERPs. Many organizations have already begun to take advantage of the opportunities these changes have made possible.

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BrightMove, Inc. Partners with TalentDrive: Embedded Searching Capabilities Across Thousands of Resume Sources

St. Augustine Beach, FL November 1, 2010 – BrightMove, Inc. (, a leading developer of Recruiting Software for Recruitment Outsourcing (RPO), Staffing and Corporate HR, announces its new partnership with TalentDrive ( This agreement enables BrightMove to offer embedded searching capabilities across thousands of resume sources. “This partnership with TalentDrive is a major differentiator in…

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