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Why Gen Y's Obsession with Social Media May be Hindering Their Job Prospects

“That party last weekend was stupid awesome. I was, like, seriously? Whatever. Did you see that picture of me on Facebook?” Okay, I have no idea if I even used current slang or not (thank you anyway Google). The point was to highlight social media’s infiltration of everyday life and conversation for members of Generation Y. The fact that Facebook and other social media sites provide the ability to share thoughts, pictures, and videos instantaneously is not necessarily the greatest thing for older members of Generation Y that are looking to enter the workforce. Having grown up with the ultimate goal to acquire more online friends than anyone else and posting descriptions and photos of what they were doing in five minute intervals, Millennials are finding that some employers are not impressed by what they see.

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Complimentary White Paper: Generation Y – Attract / Hire / Retain

BrightMove, Inc., a leader in Applicant Tracking Software for HR, Staffing and Recruitment Outsourcing (RPO), has released a complimentary white paper designed to aid recruiting firms and HR departments in their Generation Y recruiting, hiring and retention. The workplace is changing more rapidly than ever before. Due to economic decline, Baby Boomers are holding on…

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Keeping It Real: Are Virtual Career Fairs the Wave of the Future?

A thousand times over, we’ve heard that Generation Y is like no generation before them. By now it’s accepted as fact, so common sense tells those in the field of recruitment that certain methods need to be altered to accommodate the needs and interests of this new generation of workers. A few things are said to be true of Millennials that affect the recruitment process:

They are multi-taskers, easily distracted, with a need for instant gratification
They are technology driven
They prefer electronic communication over face-to-face interactions
They are not fans of dress codes or formal dress in general
They are not about wasting time or energy on something that will not produce results for them, i.e. “What will I gain from this?”

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Help Is On the Way: How Recruiting Agencies Can Help Your Hiring Process

Recruitment agencies have taken a hit as the unemployment rate has risen and the number of open positions has drastically fallen. Employers feel they don’t need outside help when there are so many candidates out there looking for work. The problem is that most of the candidates that are unemployed, aren’t necessarily in possession of the right skill sets. Highly overqualified or extremely under-qualified, the job market may be heading in the right direction, but you may be surprised the difficulty ahead in finding the right fit for your open position.

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