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The Workforce is Changing in Age, Number and Diversity

Over the past ten years, we’ve been preached to about the aging workforce. However, employers may have forgotten some important statistics as the economic climate of the past three years has delayed the realization of those early predictions. In the July issue, Dori Meinert, senior writer for HR Magazine, recognized the need for a refresher, as 2010 Census data brings attention to where we are and where we’re headed.

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Why Voluntary Benefits Are on the Rise

The economy is in recovery, but it’s a slow climb up the mountain. Company belts haven’t been loosened and with the overall impact of healthcare reform still uncertain, it may be some time before they are. According to HR Daily Report, this is why more employers are looking at voluntary benefits as a lower-cost incentive to attract new hires:

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Summer Help May Have the Potential for Long-term Placement

Warm weather brings a spike in business activity and as a result, increased workloads for many organizations. In order to meet demands, current headcounts are supplemented with interns and short-term help. While interns are considered potentials for future employment, short-term help may be viewed in a different manner.

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