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Recruitment Etiquette Lesson 2: Interviewing

There are high expectations set for a candidate coming in to interview, varied depending on the level of position. They are required to show up early, act eager, be polite and respectful, while answering questions that quite possibly range widely in relevance and obscurity.

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Recruitment Etiquette Lesson 1: Rejection Letters

Rejection is to recruitment as inevitability is to change. There’s no getting around it. Applicant tracking systems have not only eased the pain of stringent record-keeping requirements, but have also altered the final task of letting down those that didn’t get the job with the one-click declination letter. Once a position is filled, a quick command and your “Dear Applicant” form letter is sent to every candidate that didn’t make the cut. Dust off your hands, the job opening is officially closed.

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Freelance Workers Have a Need for Independence…But You Can Retain Them?

Freelance and contract workers have become all the rage with reductions in force and mandatory budget cuts in companies across the nation. With employers escaping health insurance obligations, vacation pay, and other full-time benefits, freelance workers may require a higher wage, but are only on the books for the duration of a project or task. This is absolutely fine with the contract employees too, they prefer it that way.

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