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Tips to Effectively Manage Your Next Hiring Spike

Hiring Spike

Tips to Effectively Manage Your Next Hiring Spike. Not all hiring seasons are created equal. Some months may require you to hire more new employees than you do the rest of the year, but one thing remains the same: identifying high-quality candidates for each position is a top priority. When you face a hiring spike,…

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Focusing On The Future: HR Trends for 2016

2015 has almost come to a close. While the holiday season is typically viewed as a more “quiet” time in the corporate world, it can also be a great opportunity for businesses to recruit top talent to hit the ground running for next year. To help reinvigorate your hiring drive and get a head start,…

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Checking Benchmarks: 18th Annual HR Systems Survey White Paper Released

The annual Human Resource research survey by Sierra-Cedar was released in late October.  Insights from the survey offer a glimpse of the present and future state of the HR industry. Sierra-Cedar is an enterprise consulting interest.  Since 1997, Sierra-Cedar has conducted an HR research effort, now in its 18th year.  During that time, HR tactics…

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The Pros and Cons of Employee Turnover

  Employee turnover is expensive.  Job churn boosts hiring, onboarding, training, and engagement costs.  Depending on the level and skill of an employee at separation, you could pay from half to twice the cost of their annual salary to land a good replacement candidate. In August, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports there were…

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