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Blast from the Past: HR Predictions Through the Years

As 2015 comes to a close, various HR experts and analysts are sharing their predictions for how the world of work will change in 2016. Instead of throwing our own predictions into the mix, we’ve decided to take a different approach and take a look back at some of the forecasts that have been made over…

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Office Holiday Parties: Never a Dull Moment

  Parties, get-togethers, gatherings & soirées are all common occurrences this time of year. While celebrations with family and/or friends can sometimes feel a bit discomfiting (forced small talk with friends of friends…of friends or long-distance relatives you haven’t seen in years ring a bell?), holiday parties with co-workers can produce situations that can quickly become awkward and…

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Social Media: Beyond Recruitment

Building relationships has never been more important in business settings.  As companies of all sizes vie for a piece of the local and global marketplace pie, the need to build your profile and communicate your company culture is critical. Social media offers unique opportunities for HR professionals. Social media for recruitment A recent report from…

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Video Interviewing: BrightMove Partners with Spark Hire

BrightMove Partners with Spark Hire to Offer Revolutionary Video Interviewing Partnership Underscores Commitment to Providing HR Professionals with the Best Tools Possible to Find and Manage Top Talent St. Augustine Beach, FL. (December 8, 2015) – BrightMove, a leading provider of on-demand recruiting  software for staffing firms, outsourcing providers and corporate HR departments, today announced…

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Can Machines Make Better Hiring Decisions Than Humans?

Can Machines Make Better Hiring Decisions Than Humans? Are you about to be outsourced?  A recent study suggests machines can make better hiring decisions than managers. But first—a disclosure. BrightMove delivers software solutions that support and ease challenges that face HR professionals. Our background and expertise is in recruiting and staffing—and we design software that…

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