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Caught on Video: The Dark Side of Social Media

Social media is great for recruiting, employee engagement, and brand publicity—or is it? Recently a 30-year old Miami doctor unwisely chose to attack an Uber driver in public. The incident was caught on video via smartphone by a witness, and the video went viral. Employed by the Jackson Health System in Miami, the doctor almost immediately…

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Human Resources: Changing Times in HR

Changing Times

Human Resources:  Changing Times in HR The advent of applicant tracking systems and other human resource tech is sometimes the basis of conversation about the relevancy of HR.  From its beginnings in hiring, onboarding, benefits management, and off-boarding, HR is evolving as quickly as the companies and employees it serves. New tech enables HR units to…

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The Future of Jobs: What Does it Mean for HR?

A recent report from the World Economic Forum (WEF) describes a rapidly evolving workplace. Creating strategies, using targeted tech, and making the right choices now all depend on knowing what the job market might look like in as little as two years. In January, leaders of industry, business, and tech mingled with wealthy entrepreneurs and…

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