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HR Tech Turns to Wellness

Human resources is poised to help companies increase productivity by improving worker health though wellness tech. Because it is both inward and outward facing, HR is uniquely positioned to help businesses take quicker advantages of workforce trends and opportunities. HR recruiting and onboarding tech, like the solutions offered by our company, Brightmove, are used by…

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HR and the Contingent Workforce: Where Is It Going?

Contingent Workforce

HR and the Contingent Workforce: Where Is It Going? The gig economy, the human cloud, the 1099 workforce—whatever you want to call it, using contingent workers to create a work group or develop a product is here to stay. Rapid workplace change and the rush to market leave many companies without the skilled workers needed…

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An Olympic Job—Recruiting for Rio 2016

The countdown to the August 2016 Summer Olympic games in Rio is underway.  But, for recruiters and event planners, hiring staff to plan and stage the event has been ongoing for years. Every four years, host countries oversee the task of building venues and preparing to serve and protect elite athletes, teams, and spectators. This…

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Fine-Tune Your Interview Process

A recent study suggests “difficult” interviews lead to the hire of more satisfied employees.  What does that mean? Our on-demand software helps HR professionals and recruiters more effectively and effciently recruit, onboard and more. These are products that save time, money, and help you onboard the right talent for your needs. While our software helps you move candidates through your pipeline, the interview…

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