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Acquisition or Merger: The Benefit of Staying Single

The Benefit of Staying Single in a time of M&A With the completion of the Verizon acquisition of Yahoo, another telecomm just got bigger. – and then there is Amazon and Whole Foods.  Merger or acquisition is the growth strategy of choice these days, enabling enterprises to double-down on supply side and customer efficiencies.  However,…

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IBM Tells Remote Workers to Get Back to the Office.

Moving Forward or Backward?  IBM Tells Employees to Get Back to Work (In the Office, That Is) Even as reports show engagement and productivity are enhanced with remote work, IBM took a big step in May, telling remote employees in several of its divisions that it is time to come back in the office. IBM…

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Pop Quiz: When Is Hiring Bias a Good Thing?

When Is Hiring Bias a Good Thing? If part of your job involves hiring or recruiting, you know personal bias is a sure-fire way to ensure you do not make the right hire, encourage diversity, or nurture innovation.  But what if you could cultivate, instead of negate, personal bias? Do a quick Google search on…

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