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Why Is It So Hard to Keep Employees Happy?

employees happy

Why Is It So Hard to Keep Employees Happy? Strategies to Implement at Your Company Description: High employee morale is difficult to achieve, but it is essential for productivity, innovation, and employee retention. Learn how your business can keep employees happier for longer. “Why aren’t my employees happy?” Countless managers and business owners have asked…

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7 Things Recruiters Do That Turn Off a Potential Employee

potential employee

Stop That! Things are competitive on both sides. You might be trying to find the perfect candidate to fill a position, and there’s always a perfect candidate looking for a position to fill. Top talent won’t need to look long and far for a great position. When you think you have this person sitting in…

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BrightMove Creates First Usage-based Applicant Tracking Software with Daily Pricing


Gives All Organizations Opportunity for Rich Features Available to Big-budget Business The Essential ATS plan with low-per-user, day-to-day-usage pricing is unique to staffing industry   SAINT AUGUSTINE BEACH, Fla., Oct. 23, 2017 – BrightMove, a pioneer in cloud-based recruiting software solutions, has introduced a low-per-user, day-to-day-usage applicant tracking software (ATS) pricing plan to provide a…

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