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Why More Women Aren’t in Leadership Positions


It’s just over two years shy of the centennial of women’s suffrage, but the United States has little to celebrate. Women’s rights in this country lag behind other developed nations; in fact, the U.S. is one of only seven members of the United Nations who has failed to ratify The Convention on the Elimination of…

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Job Loss and Career Transition – Finding the Silver Lining

job loss

Transitioning Workers Create Hidden Talent Pools Job automation is picking up speed, displacing workers and creating hidden talent pools in the process. It is well known that jobs in some fields are disappearing or have already been retired as a result of machines.  As we discussed earlier, this is not a new trend.  A recent…

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A Helpful Tip List for First Time Recruiters


Congratulations on your new position! You now have a world of things to learn. Being a recruiter will undoubtedly keep you busy. You got your position because you have an eye for talent, and you’re able to recognize and understand the important needs of others. Now, it’s time to recognize and understand the needs you’re…

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How Confident are You About Applicant Screening?

Applicant Screening

A report recently released through the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) suggests HR professionals are not all that thrilled with entry-level applicant screening processes. The Joyce Foundation funded a study to find out what skills are most important for the hiring of entry-level candidates.  The foundation also wanted to know more about common recruiting…

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Negotiating in HR – Bolster Your Bargaining Power

negotiation negotiating

“You Say Tomato…I Say…” How Similarity Might Count More than Being Nice During Negotiations Whether you are negotiating salary, corporate reorganization, or a sale, effective negotiation skills are critical.  A new study points out that negotiating success may have more to do with personality than talking points. Common sense dictates that when you need to…

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