Acquisition or Merger: The Benefit of Staying Single

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The Benefit of Staying Single in a time of M&A

With the completion of the Verizon acquisition of Yahoo, another telecomm just got bigger. – and then there is Amazon and Whole Foods.  Merger or acquisition is the growth strategy of choice these days, enabling enterprises to double-down on supply side and customer efficiencies.  However, while larger is better for some companies, independence and agility better serves others.

As a business, the BrightMove platform came online to fill the need of recruiters who originally needed an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) with the simplicity, speed, and functionality to drive new growth and nurture customer relationships.  We were recruiters then, and had the background and skill set to develop software perfect for our needs.

It was not long before we knew we could serve our clients better by offering our software solutions to others. That was 2004, and we never looked back.  Our company now serves a wide range of clients involved in staffing—whether it is corporate HR, or an outsourced recruiting or staffing firm.

While there are economies of scale when considering products, the same goes for services.  When you are looking for a suite of software to power your recruiting cycle, it is worthwhile to consider the size of the vendor you need along with the services you want.  Consider the following points:

  • Service: Working with an independent company or smaller business keeps you in the driver’s seat in terms of the services you need.  With a larger firm come administrative levels and bureaucratic layers — and sometimes, a standardized product that your company must work around.
  • Relationship: The first casualty of an acquisition is sometimes the people you have been doing business with for years.  The crew that made you successful is redundant or relocated.  While large firms can also establish and maintain excellent professional relationships, the personal touch is more often the domain of the establishment that owes its success to you. When people talk about positive company culture, they are talking about dedication to relationships—inside the company and out.
  • Innovation: Success for an independent service provider requires constant innovation—in product, customer service, and management.  In a rapidly changing marketplace, an established, independent company has the freedom and agility to develop and deliver on a new tool or service solution that keeps your company—and theirs—competitive.
  • Technology—the great equalizer: How is a smaller company able to compete against larger enterprise?    SaaS models are the great equalizer that let your company, regardless of its size, take advantage of the same capabilities and analytics  that are used by your competitors.  When a smaller company is vying for your business, you know that you are not losing in value or delivery. Rather, you are likely gaining a focused vendor who is personally interested in your business and success, wherever in the world you live and do business.

Are you a small- to medium-sized firm, or a larger enterprise?  You need a service partner that has the right blend of product, pricing, and service.  While the disruption of mergers makes for great headlines, it doesn’t always make the best business sense.

When you need cutting edge recruiting software at the right price, with dependable technical help, who has your back?  Contact us at BrightMove.  Whether you are corporate or outsourced, our business is built for recruiters, by recruiters.

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