Social Media Recruiting: 5 Recruiting Alternatives to LinkedIn

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5 Recruiting Alternatives to LinkedIn

Submitted by Michelle Arios

LinkedIn is a great resource for recruiters, allowing you to search through more than 500 million members to find your next top talent. But if you are finding that it is falling short, you might want to go a bit more niche. There are lots of different networks which have been set up for different industries, so try these alternatives if you are trying to find something that LinkedIn doesn’t offer. 

  1. Stage32 for Film, Theatre, and Television

If you need to hire someone for your next production, this could be the place to find them. There are more than 300,000 people on the network and they hail from 180 different countries. Each profile contains a headshot, portfolio, work experience list, and reels or past projects on display. It’s a great way to connect with people in the industry, some of whom might be winners of Emmy, Tony, or Academy Awards. 

  1. Facebook for Any Industry

We bet you didn’t think we’d be bringing up Facebook as a recruiting tool, did you? Well, if you’re looking to poach top hires, it actually offers a fantastic way to find people. First off, go to search and use the tools provided to narrow down your window. Make sure to use the ‘people’ tab, then add in parameters for role, location, company, and so forth. Once you have your results, here’s where it gets kind of clever. You can send messages for the cost of $1 to anyone you find in a search. Make sure that you start your message off by acknowledging that Facebook isn’t a great place for professional conversations, and ask for an email so you can contact them directly. 

  1. Doximity for Healthcare Professionals

Looking to recruit new medical staff? There’s one place where a lot of them hang out, and that is Doximity. It allows doctors to refer patients to others, send sensitive patient information around, and talk without the interference of non-medical professionals. In order to engage with them yourself, you can take advantage of their Talent Finder service at $12,000 per year. You can advertise jobs through this service and also look for consultants. The average rate of consultations through Doximity is $375 an hour, and they can be paid right through the platform.

  1. ResearchGate for Scientists and Academics

If you are looking for someone in the research field, you can find them at ResearchGate. This is a site which allows scientists and researchers to exchange knowledge and also distribute their findings. You can message one another, share papers and data, give feedback, and offer solutions to research issues. They are looking to start introducing job adverts, but for now, you can simply send messages to those who you think might be interested. 

  1. GrabCAD for Mechanical Engineers

If you need skilled mechanical engineers, this platform is a boon because it’s where a lot of them spend their time. It’s an open source library for 3D CAD models, a series of collaboration and data management tools that anyone can use, and even a challenges section where members can submit designs for crowdsourced projects. Again, just look for people here and send them a message if they fit.

It’s possible to really narrow down your search without having to turn to LinkedIn, and there are other networks for other niches too. You just have to look for them – so if your industry is not listed here, try searching the name along with terms like ‘network’ or ‘platform’. You might just find a whole new source for your next recruitment drive.

Michelle Arios works as Marketing Assistant for– New Zealand business database

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