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BrightMove Creates First Usage-based Applicant Tracking Software with Daily Pricing


Gives All Organizations Opportunity for Rich Features Available to Big-budget Business The Essential ATS plan with low-per-user, day-to-day-usage pricing is unique to staffing industry   SAINT AUGUSTINE BEACH, Fla., Oct. 23, 2017 – BrightMove, a pioneer in cloud-based recruiting software solutions, has introduced a low-per-user, day-to-day-usage applicant tracking software (ATS) pricing plan to provide a…

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Social Media Recruiting: 5 Recruiting Alternatives to LinkedIn

5 Recruiting Alternatives to LinkedIn Submitted by Michelle Arios LinkedIn is a great resource for recruiters, allowing you to search through more than 500 million members to find your next top talent. But if you are finding that it is falling short, you might want to go a bit more niche. There are lots of…

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Economic Downturn, Staffing Upturn

We started our staffing company almost a decade ago.  The Y2K and Internet bubble had already burst.  We were trying to ride the magic carpet of technical staffing that had since disappeared.  As a result, it became a trend for companies to invest in their people again.  They were more interested in full time employees…

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BrightMove Recruiting Software Version 4.5 Released

Dear BrightMove Recruiting Software Community: I am pleased to announce that we will be releasing BrightMove ATS version 4.5 this week. This new version is one of the most exciting releases of which I have been affiliated. There are 5 major components that we have added in order to help you work smarter, not harder.…

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BrightMove Recruiting Software 2.5 Released

The Development staff at BrightMove Recruiting Software has announced the release of the latest version of their Applicant Tracking System, BrightMove ATS. Version 2.5 of the ATS product officially goes live on May 1, 2007. According to company Co-Founder and Vice President David Webb, “BrightMove 2.5 really encompasses the direction given by the BrightMove Community.…

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BrightMove Applicant Tracking System 2.4 Released

BrightMove version 2.4 was created especially for HR and Staffing Professionals that are looking for an Applicant Tracking System that will make OFCCP compliance easy and automatic. It also targets companies that need an ATS that can be customized to reflect their unique terminology and processes. Searchable user-defined fields, OFCCP Compliance, Screen Filters, and naming…

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BrightMove Applicant Tracking System 2.3 Released

Our user friendly Applicant Tracking system is now even easier to navigate and more customized to your needs. BrightMove version 2.3 is here and live!   BrightMove Applicant Tracking System is EVEN BETTER!   BrightMove Applicant Tracking System’s enhanced functionality will help recruiters, sales managers, HR and Staffing Professionals. The BrightMove development staff has been…

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