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Blame-A-Nitis: The very fastest way to destroy your career when you have been let go from your job

I have been in the recruiting software and HR technology industry for about 14 years and have seen some of the best and worst in most any company and any company’s personnel. I myself have been in a few very bad situations with my job on the line and have handled things both very well and very badly, which is what this article is about. I guess it was about 8 years ago now that I almost ended my career with what we will call blame-a-nitus. I was a senior manager within a top Recruiting Software vendor and I had grown very resentful because several of the team that had begun with the company around the same time I had, were being promoted and I wasn’t.

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BrightMove Announces the Release of BrightMove Unite

BrightMove, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of BrightMove Unite, an all free job distribution and analytics tool for recruiters. BrightMove Unite will enable recruiters, either 3rd party recruiters, or in-house HR recruiters, to distribute jobs to most major social networks, and numerous free job boards. BrightMove Unite will be offered as a free tool, and will be available in BETA beginning March 29, 2012. The official launch of the product is scheduled for the ERE Expo ( in San Diego, CA, March 29-30.

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BrightMove Recruiting Software Announces the Release of BrightMove Social Bar

BrightMove Recruiting Software Announces the Release of BrightMove Social Bar St Augustine, FL – BrightMove, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of BrightMove Social Bar. The Social Bar will enable users of the BrightMove’s applicant tracking systems to view Social Network profile data of candidates, managers and contacts, in real-time, directly in-line with the…

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Dude. Your Candidate Has a Medical Marijuana Card. Now What?

After setting up a round of interviews for an open drafter position located in Los Angeles, CA, the hiring manager left me a concerned voicemail. “A candidate came in for an interview and asked if we require a pre-employment drug screen. Once confirmed, he stated that he has an MMJ (Medical Marijuana) Card. How should I proceed?”

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Who Do You Know? Employee Referral Programs Go Online

While top-tier recruiters are constantly in search of the next best tactic for sourcing candidates, there
are certain methods that stand the test of time. Employee referrals have long been a favorite of hiring managers as probability shows us good employees are typically friends with other good employees. With the convenience that web-based programs provide and the advent of social networking, it only makes sense that the Employee Referral Process
(ERP) would make its way online.

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Mobile Capabilities Make A Mark On Standard Recruitment Practices

For every outdated process there is obviously a newer, faster, more efficient version that has replaced it (or eventually will). The need to receive and transfer information instantly knows no bounds and is coming to include applying for that next great career move. Traditional, hard copy resumes to online applications, the evolution of digital hiring processes is now extending to mobile phones. However, though the potential is there, the follow through is not yet available.

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Why Gen Y's Obsession with Social Media May be Hindering Their Job Prospects

“That party last weekend was stupid awesome. I was, like, seriously? Whatever. Did you see that picture of me on Facebook?” Okay, I have no idea if I even used current slang or not (thank you anyway Google). The point was to highlight social media’s infiltration of everyday life and conversation for members of Generation Y. The fact that Facebook and other social media sites provide the ability to share thoughts, pictures, and videos instantaneously is not necessarily the greatest thing for older members of Generation Y that are looking to enter the workforce. Having grown up with the ultimate goal to acquire more online friends than anyone else and posting descriptions and photos of what they were doing in five minute intervals, Millennials are finding that some employers are not impressed by what they see.

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Complimentary White Paper: Generation Y – Attract / Hire / Retain

BrightMove, Inc., a leader in Applicant Tracking Software for HR, Staffing and Recruitment Outsourcing (RPO), has released a complimentary white paper designed to aid recruiting firms and HR departments in their Generation Y recruiting, hiring and retention. The workplace is changing more rapidly than ever before. Due to economic decline, Baby Boomers are holding on…

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Keeping It Real: Are Virtual Career Fairs the Wave of the Future?

A thousand times over, we’ve heard that Generation Y is like no generation before them. By now it’s accepted as fact, so common sense tells those in the field of recruitment that certain methods need to be altered to accommodate the needs and interests of this new generation of workers. A few things are said to be true of Millennials that affect the recruitment process:

They are multi-taskers, easily distracted, with a need for instant gratification
They are technology driven
They prefer electronic communication over face-to-face interactions
They are not fans of dress codes or formal dress in general
They are not about wasting time or energy on something that will not produce results for them, i.e. “What will I gain from this?”

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