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By: BrightMove Recruiting Software

As detailed on BusinessWire, The Career Network announced on November 18, 2013 that a patent was issued for the “invention of a technology that allows for social recruiting, the process of sourcing or recruiting job candidates through the use of social platforms.” In a 2012 acquisition, acquired this pending patent that was recently approved. What does this mean exactly?

ERE explains that the patent covers a form of talent community. Their job board utilizes fields of interest in order to sign up members for communities. These databases of candidates are built for client use. The patent “has to do with recruiters building talent communities with candidates and sharing profiles of candidates with other recruiters at their firms.” When asked about other companies already doing the exact same thing (ex. Jobvite, Talent Circles) and their possible infringement on this new patent, Beyond CEO Rich Milgram responded ““It remains to be seen. Talent Circles is similar. Is it the same? Is it something that’s infringing? I’m not the patent attorney.” A copy of the patent can be found on ERE’s website.

“This technology allows for a holistic account of all candidate interactions, thereby streamlining the recruitment process and the enhancement of corporate brands,” said Milgram. “While the practice of social recruiting is still fairly nascent in the industry, we see value in taking a leadership position to help companies navigate the social media landscape to connect with the right talent, and allow professionals to follow companies of interest—it’s mutually beneficial for both parties.”

Expanding upon simple database building, the newly patented technology can be used to allow candidate referrals for current job openings and network sharing. Focused on engaging people, as all social media strives to do, talent management is the overall focus and target for “Magnify the online footprint of [your] brand and disseminate [your] message to an even larger audience.” sites the patent inclusions as follows:

  • Social Recruiting System
  • Sharing of Public and Private Profiles
  • Building and Joining Talent Communities
  • Receiving Referrals and Applying to Jobs
  • Establishing Public Networks and Private Recruiter Networks

Only time will tell how this patent will affect other social media outlets with similar functionality. currently manages 500+ talent communities with over 38 million members.

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  1. Martin Snyder on December 17, 2013 at 11:57 am

    Rich “I’m not the patent attorney” Milgram will no doubt test the waters of patent litigation, since it overwhelmingly favors the patentee, who is assumed to have a valid patent.

    The patent office does not even have a director right now, and it has done horrific violence to the tech economy over the past 20 years by allowing thousands upon thousands of terrible patens into the world, because there is no penalty or disincentive involved for anyone on the whole chain to avoid bad patents. Proving a bad patent is about a million-buck job, and virtually anyone in the tech biz can be attacked in a hundred ways by various patentees. Its huge, huge mess that is going to cost trillions before it’s brought under control….


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