BrightMove Applicant Tracking System 2.3 Released

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Our user friendly Applicant Tracking system is now even easier to navigate and more customized to your needs. BrightMove version 2.3 is here and live!


BrightMove Applicant Tracking System is EVEN BETTER!


BrightMove Applicant Tracking System’s enhanced functionality will help recruiters, sales managers, HR and Staffing Professionals. The BrightMove development staff has been working hard in conjunction with our current clients to make our applicant tracking software even better with this newest release. Our goal is to make your lives easier by providing you with staffing software that helps streamline the entire recruiting and hiring process. We also strive to make Sales and Client management easier to manage with our user-friendly Staffing Software that can help each member of your HR or Staffing team.


The following features have been added to the BrightMove Applicant Tracking System to help HR and Staffing professionals even more:


    • Job Distribution Engine

      The BrightMove Job Distribution Engine is the latest BrightMove “Smart Feature” to be released as part of our flagship applicant tracking system. With the BrightMove Job Distribution Engine, you can manage your external job postings from within the BrightMove Applicant Tracking Software. BrightMove has been working diligently over the past several months to form relationships with many of the popular internet Job Boards. These efforts have allowed us to construct an extensible and configurable process that can blast your job orders to Internet-based job boards via a variety of delivery methods. The BrightMove Job Distribution Engine supports the delivery of job orders via FTP (file transport protocol), HTTP (hypertext transport protocol) and SMTP (simple mail transport protocol). The BrightMove Job Distribution Engine can interface with external job boards in both real time and batch capacities. Additionally, the BrightMove Job Distribution Engine can interface standard web services from an interface perspective.


      With the BrightMove Job Distribution Engine, a BrightMove user will have the ability to add, update, refresh and delete job order postings from within the BrightMove dashboard. This capability will effectively eliminate the activity of bouncing from one job board to another to add a new job order to the user’s job board account. The BrightMove Job Distribution Engine provides the ability to manage your job postings from a single point and distribute them from there. Access to this feature within BrightMove is included as part of the standard monthly subscription. There is no additional fee or cost to use the BrightMove Job Distribution Engine to manage your job postings.


      Over the next months and years, BrightMove will continue to move forward in developing relationships with the industry leaders in the internet job board arena. If you are a representative of an Internet Job Board, and you would like to integrate your system with BrightMove to receive job postings, please contact a member of our sales staff.




Other Enhancements


    • Added the ability to attach up to 5 attachments to outbound email messages


  • Format and export enhancements on several BrightMove built-in reports



  • Enhancements to the “Knockout Questions” module (basic qualifications management) to correct the display of questions and answers



  • Fixes to the logic surrounding the management of user defined fields (UDF) around the portal-based job application module




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