BrightMove Applicant Tracking System 2.4 Released

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BrightMove version 2.4 was created especially for HR and Staffing Professionals that are looking for an Applicant Tracking System that will make OFCCP compliance easy and automatic. It also targets companies that need an ATS that can be customized to reflect their unique terminology and processes. Searchable user-defined fields, OFCCP Compliance, Screen Filters, and naming Preferences mark the latest release of the BrightMove Applicant Tracking System.


The BrightMove Applicant Tracking system is now more customized to the needs of individual companies. BrightMove version 2.4 gives its user base more flexibility and control, ensuring that professionals are able to use BrightMove to manage unique and special recruiting and hiring processes. Version 2.4 also makes it easy to comply with the new Federal Department of Labor OFCCP regulations.


BrightMove Applicant Tracking System is now even better, more flexible, and OFCCP compliant.


Brightmove Applicant Tracking System’s new features will help not only HR and Staffing professionals, but recruiters, sales managers, and staffing professionals. The BrightMove Development team has been working in cooperation with its clients to make the applicant tracking software even more customizable, easy to use, and compliant with the new OFCCP laws with this latest release.


The following features have been added to the BrightMove Applicant Tracking System to help HR and Staffing professionals:


    • Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) Compliance

      For companies that do business with the Federal Government, there are several new laws surrounding the hiring process and the solicitation of job applicants. These guidelines require the tracking and reporting of race, gender, and ethnicity of all “Internet Applicants”. With BrightMove version 2.4, users who are affected by these new laws will be in full compliance if the OFCCP module is used. All mandated processes are followed and tracked automatically for clients who do business with the Federal Government.



    • Screen Filters


      Every company is different, and no two companies track exactly the same set of information for applicants and clients. Brightmove’s new Screen Filter gives its client base the ability to hide unneccesary fields in applicant and client records. It provides the ability to customize what is seen in the Applicant, Client, Client Office, Client Contact, and Requirement modules.



    • Searchable User-Defined Fields


      Previous versions of BrightMove have given users the ability to add fields that are 100% custom to their business. Version 2.4 allows users to search that information. Any and all User-Defined fields that clients create for the Applicant module are now search-able. Clients can collect virtually any data they need or require for each of their applicants, and then quickly search through that information to find who they are looking for.



    • Naming Preferences


      BrightMove clients now have the ability to customize the module titles within the application to reflect proprietary terminology. Instead of having to stick with the default module names, users now have the ability to name the five modules (Applicant, Client, Client Office, Client Contact, and Requirement) anything they wish. For example, BrightMove users can call an Applicant a Candidate, Employee, Prospect, etc. The same is true for clients, client offices, client contacts, and Requirements.




It should be noted that companies who do not need to comply with the new OFCCP regulations will still have access to the other new featured that BrightMove version 2.4 offers.


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