BrightMove Recruiting Software 2.5 Released

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The Development staff at BrightMove Recruiting Software has announced the release of the latest version of their Applicant Tracking System, BrightMove ATS. Version 2.5 of the ATS product officially goes live on May 1, 2007. According to company Co-Founder and Vice President David Webb, “BrightMove 2.5 really encompasses the direction given by the BrightMove Community. All of the features implemented in version 2.5 were requested by our loyal client base, and we will continue to take direction from our users in order to make BrightMove a friendlier, more usable Applicant Tracking System.”

BrightMove users asked for new search capabilities. The Development staff met their needs by providing:

  • The ability to search all user defined fields for job requirements.
  • The ability to search for job requirements by recruiter name.
  • The ability to search candidates based on create date (date entered into the BrightMove system)
  • A new Advanced Search capability to search folders created by an individual user.
  • An expanded advanced search capability encompassing different date ranges based on create date.

There were also requests for duplicate protection, and those were met with:

  • Automatic duplicate protection when resumes are received through the email parser, career page, job boards, an import or manual creation.

Another feature set has been added that will make the career website integration with BrightMove better. This improvement includes:

  • The ability for candidates to search jobs on a client career site in different ways.
  • A shorter application process for candidates applying for a job through a career site.

Requests had also come in regarding client’s ability to “rank” an applicant. Now, clients can:

  • Rank an Applicant
  • Perform and sort searches by applicant rank.

Last but not least, a new feature was added allowing an activity to be created in parallel to a new candidate record being added to the BrightMove system.

As in the past, all of the new features are available at no additional charge to BrightMove clientele.

To contact BrightMove for more information on BrightMove ATS version 2.5, call 877-482-8840, or visit