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Leverage BrightMove Opportunities CRM for growth | Issue 17

Did you know you have a built-in CRM module in your BrightMove platform?  We’ve discovered some BrightMove users are not yet using it because they either don’t know it exists or they have not activated it yet. Designed to help you and your team manage strategic relationships - BrightMove Opportunities CRM module is easily accessible from your dashboard and only takes a few minutes to set up.

The Opportunities section is typically hidden. If you would like to use it, you will need to enable the Security Role(s) that require access to the module and also turn on the Opportunity customization settings. To enable the Security Role(s), It’s a simple six-step process as follows:


1. Navigate to Settings > Security
2. Click the Security Role(s) that you want to enable it in.
3. Click the red “X” on the Opportunities module to enable it.
4. Once the module is enabled the red “X”, it will be replaced by a green “✓”

5. Located under "Access Customization Module", activate the Opportunity customization settings (see image below).

6. Click “Save” (located at the top and bottom of the screen) to confirm your changes.

7. Anyone with this Role will need to Logout and re-login for changes to take effect.


Customize your Opportunities CRM module to your needs

Once you’ve activated your Opportunities module, you can set up your Opportunity StagesLead SourcesTypes, and Next Steps. It’s a simple four-step process for each category (detailed instructions here).

Once you’ve set up your Opportunities CRM module, you are ready to Create Opportunities and then manage your Opportunities with Profile View. Here you can easily edit the Opportunity, add, change or delete the salesperson associated with the Opportunity and assign a manager associated with the Opportunity. From there you can create individual Line Items under an Opportunity and assign a monetary value to them.


With the click of an icon convert a Line Item into a Job

After a Line Item has been converted into a Job - when viewing the Opportunity, that Line Item will now have a Convert to job button or View job button. Activities can then be created, viewed, edited or deleted within the Opportunity. Attachments can also be made to an Opportunity so that you have everything you need at your fingertips.

As always, please feel free to reach out to BrightMove’s Customer Support team should you need help.




David T. Webb

Co-founder and CEO BrightMove, Inc.

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