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You can quickly and easily manage the interview process with both one-way and live video interviews directly from your BrightMove dashboard


Back in 2015, our customers asked for video interviewing capabilities. We listened and then partnered with Spark Hire - one of the most popular video interviewing platforms for corporate HR departments and the staffing industry. Since then we've made it as easy as possible for our customers to use video interviewing to increase productivity while improving the candidate experience and strengthening employer brand.


One-way videos consist of text or video-based questions that candidates can answer at their own pace. Live interview videos facilitate a face-to-face interview, are recorded and can be shared and accessed at any time. Here's how to get started:


Go to Spark Hire and create an account that meets your needs. Once created, request your API key from Spark Hire. Once you have your Spark Hire API key, log into BrightMove and go to Settings> External Credentials. Click the Add Credentiallink. Select Spark Hire from the drop down list and then enter your Spark Hire API key into the box. Click Submit. Congrats! Your Spark Hire integration is now set up and ready to use. It's that easy.

You can then initiate a Spark Hire video interview request from either the Applicant profile Submittals section or the Job profile Submittals section and set up your video interview type (Live or One-Way), date, time and questions either customized or stock within the Create Interview form.

Easily schedule and invite your Applicant for a Live or One-Way video interview

As you create the Spark Hire invitation, it is logged as an activity on the Applicant profile. The Applicant's acceptance of the invite is also logged. You are then ready to facilitate a face-to-face interview via webcam in a portal branded with your logo and company colors. Your video interview is also recorded so you can share and refer back to it during the candidate evaluation process. If you are already a BrightMove customer and have not tried video interviewing yet, you can find more information here or reach out with questions to our Customer Support team.


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David T. Webb

Co-founder and CEO BrightMove, Inc.