100% Web-based Calendaring & Email Integration

In almost all aspects of business, communication is key. And when it comes to the recruiting process, candidates expect a two-way conversation that is engaging and informative from start to finish.

BrightMove offers several communication tools to help recruiters stay in touch and stay one step ahead of the competition.

BrightSync provides a real-time web-based calendaring integration with Exchange, which in turn syncs with Outlook or any mail program on any platform that connects to Exchange. This enables users to quickly and easily manage communications directly from BrightMove, saving time and promoting quicker response turn-around. After all, timing is everything when it comes to recruiting.

A user’s entire Inbox, folders, calendar and contacts are available in realtime in BrightMove. Any changes made in one will show up in the other (i.e. activities in Outlook and BrightMove sync back and forth and can also be configured)

Users can add and sync candidate or contact info from BrightMove to Exchange, making it easy to keep in touch while in the field

Users can also parse resumes, job description, manager activities, and candidate activities

BrightSync’s complete calendaring and email integration is 100% web-based and works on all major browsers and platforms (including Mac).  In today’s ever-increasing tech-savvy world, having a cross-browser platform is an absolute must!

Don’t have Exchange?

We have you covered. Our email integration tools within BrightMove will create an applicant profile automatically when a resume is forwarded from an email inbox. Our email tools also support manager, candidate and user activity tracking back into the system without the need of a client footprint.

  • Resume parsing from email
  • Activity parsing from email
  • Request meetings with candidates and contacts
  • Works on all major browsers and email programs

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These features, and more, are available within BrightMove Staffing, BrightMove HR & BrightMove RPO.