Case Study TalentYeti

Staffing industry veterans John Perton and Israel Swanson launched TalentYeti from the Jacksonville, Fla., area in early 2017 to provide not only traditional recruiting support for staffing and HR operations, but also such value-added consulting services as employer brand evaluation, marketplace analysis and staffing model planning. While focusing on their in-depth expertise in IT recruiting during their start-up phase, the duo have an ambitious plan to dramatically grow their business. In March 2017, the company became a beta tester of BrightMove's new Essential plan, the first usage-based applicant tracking software (ATS) plan in the industry. Under this unique plan, thus far, TalentYeti has filled six internal positions, as well as 15 positions for clients, which include Etchasoft and Main Street America Group (both in Jacksonville).

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The Challenge

TalentYeti was eager to establish a revenue stream to cover startup costs. “We needed affordable software to identify potential clients and to fill internal and client positions. It’s not like we had a war chest or tons of operating capital to get off the ground,” says Perton, who adds that he’s had unsatisfactory experiences with other ATS providers. In addition to cost, he says, “ease of use, features and robust functionality were also critical.”


The Solution

Enter BrightMove ATS/Essential: Says Perton: “We use it for recruiting. We use it for business development. We use it for candidate intake. We use it to raise brand awareness and push jobs on social media. “The integration is great with LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, Career Builder and many other job boards, including ZipRecruiter, where the biggest impact has been. The daily candidate intake has virtually tripled, from 6.1 candidates per day to 18.2 candidates per day.


“You can set up qualifying questions, which increases the quality of applicants, and you can automate so much of the screening and onboarding process for candidate intake. It absolutely streamlines the hiring process and boosts efficiencies through the roof.


“We're using it as a full recruiting platform in addition to the CRM capabilities, the pipeline capabilities, all of it,” he says. “We are literally using it to run our business on a day-to-day basis.


“It's a testament to BrightMove's commitment to continuous innovation and helping customers become more efficient and increase margins. We are reaping the benefits of the features that we didn't even realize we needed but that BrghtMove anticipated.”


When it comes to ease of use, Perton offers this anecdote: “We just hired someone who hopped on a BrightMove new-user training call around 1:00 p.m. and by 6:00 p.m. he had submitted 28 candidates to a job we had open. That's productivity on day one.”