How to Create a Positive Corporate Culture

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How to Create a Positive Corporate Culture

Contributed by Tess Pajaron

It is not uncommon for large corporations to be faulted for their inability to create a positive culture within the company. There are a variety of reasons that can hold companies back from achieving this type of culture, and similarly, there are steps that can be taken to counter this effect. Here are some tips on how to create a positive corporate culture.

Hire Winners

It may seem obvious that, as a company, you need to hire employees who are winners. Surely, this is the goal of every corporation, however, the end result is often something less than desirable. The reason corporations often fail to hire the right employees is because they do not ask the right question during the interview. It is not uncommon for an interview to be based solely on the experience of the candidate and not their attitude toward success. In order to hire employees that will embrace a culture, a business must tailor their interview process so that there is a greater focus on personality traits, rather than skills alone.

Get Employee Feedback

There are multiple reasons that taking employee feedback into consideration is important. Employee feedback is the best way to find out the concerns that the workers have and areas that may need improvement. If the employee feedback is taken in an anonymous fashion, there is a higher likelihood that their true feelings will be represented. In addition to being able to point out areas that need improvement, asking for employee feedback goes a long way in showing the employees that the company values them.

Share Company Goals

As a company, it is important to have goals in order to achieve success, and it is equally important to share those goals with the employees. In fact, research has shown that when a corporation embraces the goals that it has set forth, and the company helps the employees to embrace those goals, there is a better chance that the culture will be positive. Furthermore, by implementing clearly defined goals you will ensure that the entire corporation has the proper heading.

Give Rewards

Rewarding employees is a necessity for creating a positive workplace culture. However, many times the act of giving rewards is handled improperly, and this can actually work against employee morale. When rewarding employees it is important that you do not single out certain workers in cases where it was the contribution of multiple employees that led to success, as this could raise concerns about favoritism. Instead, consider rewarding an entire sector or every employee in the corporation, to show that it is teamwork that makes a company successful. In addition, it can be important to reward failure when the best intentions were meant by an employee. Rewarding failure will show that it is working hard that is important, and not only success.

Always Consider Change

As a corporation, the ability to recognize problems within a culture, and taking the steps to make the necessary changes to improve employee morale, is critical. Too often, large corporations are unwilling to change the structure of the way the company is handled, and this tends to breed resentment among the employees. Showing that the company is willing to put in the effort to make changes will show workers that they recognize the need for change and they will do what it takes to create a positive culture.


Creating a positive culture in a company will help ensure that the corporation will continue to operate successfully for years to come. However, a positive culture will not develop on its own, so it is up to the company to take the necessary steps in maintaining employee morale. As a corporation, it is important to listen to employee feedback, share company goals, and be ready to change if it is needed. By doing these things you will help to create a positive corporate culture, which, in turn, will make the business much more successful.


With a background in business administration and management, Tess Pajaron currently works at Open Colleges, Australia’s leading online educator. She likes to cover stories in careers and marketing.


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