Essential Pricing Plan

Get a unique, low-per-user, day-to-day-usage pricing plan.
BrightMove's Essential Pricing Plan provides a new, affordable, feature-rich option for budget-conscious organizations, including the growing number of small staffing companies, independent recruiters, seasonal hirers and job fairs, among others.

The first usage-based applicant tracking and hiring software in the industry

Starting at less than $1 per day to fill a job, the flexible Essential Pricing Plan enables businesses to pay only for what they use.

Daily costs vary depending on the number of users and active jobs, career portal usage, and the amount of storage used for jobs, applicants and contacts. Customers can monitor usage on a daily basis and make adjustments to their accounts.

For companies that think sophisticated applicant tracking software is out of reach BrightMove has packaged the following features into this first-of-its-kind consumption-model pricing plan:

A Pricing Plan that is simple and easy to understand.

To give you an idea of what a typical monthly bill would look like we have provided a pricing example for a basic configuration.


$.25 per user (1 user required to keep account open)

Career Portal

$.25 per portal


Storage for jobs, applicants, contacts - $.10 per block of 1,000, per category

Open Jobs

$.05 per job

QtyDescriptionUnit PriceDailyMonthly
Grand Total$1.05$31.50
1Career Portal$0.25$0.25$7.50
1Up to 1000 Applicants/Candidates$0.10$0.10$3.00
1Up to 1000 Contacts$0.10$0.10$3.00
1Up to 1000 Jobs$0.10$0.10$3.00
5Open Job - Distributed to Indeed and other Free Job Boards$0.05$0.25$7.50

Visit your ATS portal and keep an eye on it everyday, and make adjustments based upon your needs and budget.

An ATS that lets you adjust as you go

You're empowered and in control. The cloud-based service can be scaled up and down as hiring demands fluctuate.

Powerful and simple features for any small business

Easily find candidates and post directly to job boards. BrightMove ATS is mobile friendly and ties directly into social media. Share a job on social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Customize email templates and do so much more.


SourceJet is a powerful resume harvesting tool designed to help recruiters find talent on a wide variety of resume banks and websites.

SourceJet can access both free sites and subscription sites (provided you have a subscription).

After setting up search criteria, and selecting from the list of literally hundreds of possible websites to source from, recruiters will begin seeing search results within minutes of executing the search.

Once candidates are found, they can be reviewed, and imported into the BrightMove database individually or in bulk.

Candidates that were sourced for a particular job can be sent to the job as they are being brought into the database.

Candidates that are part of a recruiting outreach can be assigned directly to a folder from which emails and SMS messages can be sent.

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Branded Self-Service Career Portals

A career portal (job portal) can be integrated with your website to provide candidates a seamless experience while navigating your website.

A self-service career portal gives your candidates the ability to:

• Create/update a profile and upload resumes
• Apply to jobs including Apply with Linkedin and Indeed Apply
• View application status
• Take assigned exams
• Upload attachments
• Upload resumes and cover letters
• Enter and update timesheets

BrightMove career portals are mobile responsive, which means applicants can access and utilize the portal from anywhere on any device.

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Do-It-Yourself Implementation

The DIY implementation is for the cost conscious or self-sufficient user. This option is perfect for users who are familiar with setting up software systems and are familiar with how applicant tracking systems work.  Maybe you are a returning customer - we hope so.

Download our convenient checklist of the tasks you should complete before going live.

If you are an Essential customer, you can purchase a Basic Implementation plan as a supplement to your subscription.

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Mobile Responsive Platform

BrightMove's User Interface (UI) has been designed to be mobile responsive.  This means there is no need for a special app on your mobile devices.

With a mobile responsive UI, the pages adjust to the size of the screen you are using.  Whether you like to travel with a tablet or you need easy access to BrightMove on your mobile phone, all you need is a browser and an internet connection.

What is the advantage of 'mobile responsive' compared to an App you download from the App Store or Google Play?  The biggest advantage is that you don't lose any functionality.  With and App, you may be limited to what the vendor decides is App-worthy in regard to functionality.  With BrightMove's responsive interface, you have full access to everything the software has to offer regardless of what device you are using.

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Career Website Job Distribution

BrightMove offers job distribution to both free and paid job boards.

Real-Time job posting is available with Monster, Career Builder, and Linkedin. Jobs are fed to Dice 4x daily.

A daily feed is picked up by Indeed, Simply Hired, Glassdoor,, DirectEmployer (Direct-hire only), JustJobs, Beyond, Yakaz, Trovit, Better Jobs, Oodle, and OLX.

Additionally, recruiters can instantly share jobs with dozens of social networks.

Career Portals have RSS feeds associated with them, and can also be used for Job distribution either by sharing the RSS link or utilizing a 3rd party application to distribute the RSS feed automatically.

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Social Media Job Distribution

BrightMove allows you to share a job on a wide variety of social networks such as Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook.

When creating or editing a job profile, simply click on the preferred social network to share.  You can share with company social profiles and/or personal social profiles.  With Linkedin you can even post the job to groups provided the group allows job posting to the main group thread.

With each Career Portal (see above), you also get an RSS feed.  This feed can be utilized to automatically post your jobs to a variety of social networks through a third-party social network manager such as Hootsuite or SocialPilot.

BrightMove also has Apply With Linkedin integrated with your Career Portals.  When activated, candidates can utilize their LinkedIn profile to automatically populate many of the fields in your online application, saving time, and simplifying the application process.

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BrightMove has integrated with SimpleTexting to provide users with the ability to text candidates during the recruiting process.

Candidates can be messaged individually, or in bulk. SMS templates can be set up much like an email template.  Send targeted text messages to drum up interest in a new opening. Use SMS to maintain communication with applicants throughout the hiring process.

Automatic messaging can also be triggered as part of the hiring workflow so that candidates can be reached as they move from step to step in your hiring workflow.

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Standardized Communications Templates

Communication is vital in recruiting.  Time is also very valuable to every recruiter. Communication templates in BrightMove, for both email and SMS texting, help you communicate with candidates, clients, and managers easily and effectively. Templates also save you time.

Communication templates also save you time -- a lot of time.

Build templates for Email, for SMS texting, and you can even create templates that will send out BOTH.  Maximize your communication reach by engaging candidates via email and text.

Communication templates can be built-in to your hiring workflow as well.  Email and SMS text messages utilizing communication templates can be automatically triggered as candidates move from stage to stage in your hiring workflow.

Communication templates can also be utilized with your Branded Self-Service Career Portals. Emails can be automatically triggered when candidates apply for a job, create a profile, or even when they don't meet basic qualifications for a position.

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BrightForms is a custom form creation tool that allows users to build virtually any type of form imaginable.

Create forms for you candidates and prepopulate information directly from your BrightMove database to simplify the 'filling out' process.

With BrightForms you can drag and drop a wide variety of field types during the creation or edit process.  Add drop-down menus, radio buttons, date fields, and much more to your forms with ease.

Once published, forms are easily accessed by candidates through the Branded Self-Service Career Portals.

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Power Search

Thanks to BrightMove’s lightning-fast search engine, search results populate as you type, meaning no more wasting precious time for pages to load.

The Power Search feature in BrightMove contains filters that let you refine your search by any field on any profile in the system (name, location, notes, and even attachments are searchable).

The search result screen is configurable by the user to show only the data fields desired.

Once the results populate, you can quickly and easily perform any number of actions (send an SMS text message or submit to a job, for example) from a simple drop-down menu.

Boolean black-belts can switch Power Search into Expert Mode and build advanced boolean search strings to pinpoint the data they need.

All searches can be saved and easily accessed for future searching.

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Custom Submittal Workflow

From application to hire and every step in between, BrightMove's hiring workflow is completely configurable.

Replicate your current workflow in BrightMove, or get to work quickly utilizing the default workflow that is part of every new account.

Workflows can be as simple or elaborate as you design them to be.

Control which steps are required to advance candidates through the hiring pipeline.

Set up actions that are triggered as you navigate candidates through the hiring process.  Trigger emails and/or text messages as prospective hires move from one stage to the next.

Designate which stages of your workflow are tracked for Time-to-Hire reporting.

Generate placement records upon candidate placement that are retained on both the job and the candidate profile.

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Email (Gmail, Outlook, and more)

BrightMove can record email from any email provider.  Users of popular email service providers such as Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo can easily have emails recorded in BrightMove by using CC or BCC to a BrightMove email address when sending email out to candidates and contacts.  The email will be recorded on the appropriate candidate and/or contact as an activity.

For incoming email from candidates and contacts, simply forward to the same given BrightMove email address.

In many cases, this can be automated utilizing your email providers rules for email handling.

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Video Interviewing

BrightMove is proud to partner with Spark Hire for One-Way or Live video interviews easily kicked off from your BrightMove jobs. There are Stock questions available to choose from and/or you can create your own custom questions to assign.

Activities are automatically created in the Candidate profile when the video interview is initiated, when they accept the email invite, and after they complete the video interview.

Once completed, the videos and ratings are stored within Spark Hire.

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Google Chrome Extension

With the BrightMove People Parser, users can parse candidate and contact information from any window being viewed in the Google Chrome browser.

Social profiles, online resumes, personal bios on websites, and even email signatures can be sent from your browser directly into BrightMove ATS with just a few clicks of the mouse.

To tool allows you to verify and edit (if needed) the information before you send it to BrightMove.

Duplicate checking is built into the tool as well.

Users of the tool are responsible for following the Terms of Service of the websites being viewed.

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Sales and CRM

BrightMove can bring your recruiters and sales personnel together and have them working productively and efficiently in one software application.

Manage prospective new business with Opportunities- a customizable sales pipeline. Monitor the value of your prospective business, assign close percentages to sales stages and track the weighted value of the prospective business.

Grow the prospective account with new contacts and connections as you build out the potential engagement. Record correspondence, track activities and collaborate with teammates as you work to close the sale.

Upon closing new business, easily turn Opportunity line items into open jobs and assign them to recruiters.

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Imagine a time when you have a fantastic candidate but unfortunately, you do not currently have a position you can place them in.

BrightMatch is a business development tool that will allow you to take that candidate, and his or her skill set, and match them up with current open jobs at over 20,000 companies.

BrightMatch will link you directly to the open job on the company website, where all you have left to do is reach out and make contact with a hiring manager.

Another creative way to utilize BrightMatch is to run a similar search and replace an individual's skills with any set of skills you are typically successful with placing into jobs. Build out a lead list in just minutes.

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Standard Reports

BrightMove offers a standard suite of reports to cover a wide variety of business needs. Ranging anywhere from user activity reporting to the status of job submittals and placements. We understand that your ability to see into your organization's work and progress is often instrumental in your business' success.

We're always looking to update and add additional reports as the business needs arise, so feel free to share your particular requirements with a support representative to figure out the best way to move forward.

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Business Intelligence & Analytics

When standard reporting just isn't enough to see the trends and do the analysis of data at a very high level, we have an OData Feed available for consumption. With tools such as Microsoft Power BI, you can import your company's data into an analytics platform and instantly gain access to business intelligence functionality.

The Open Data Protocol gives you the flexibility to take your data out of BrightMove and bring it into any number of third party BI systems, giving you ultimate control over the visibility into your company's performance.

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Custom Reports

At BrightMove, we know that sometimes your reporting needs to be tailored to meet your company's specific business requirements. BrightMove can build you custom reports if needed and we also offer Ad-Hoc reporting standard with your BrightMove subscription.

When you need to build in complicated business rules, schedules, formulas or logic into a report, we have the experts on hand that possess the experience necessary to turn your vision into reality.

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Data Storage

BrightMove's presence in the AWS Cloud ensures that no matter how big your company grows or how extensive your need for storage becomes, we'll always be able to scale with you.

Data Storage is important, be it candidate resumes, job profiles, client contracts or simple contact records, and it's part of our job to ensure that your ability to maintain a robust universe of staffing data is always supported.

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Email and Ticket Support 24/7

Email and Ticket support is available to all plan levels (Essential, Professional, Advanced, and Enterprise) and you can create or manage your support ticket anytime from within the system or create a ticket outside the system by emailing support.

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Phone Support

Small Business, Professional and Enterprise plans include phone support when needed, Mon- Fri 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM Eastern. We understand some customers prefer to speak to someone to communicate their needs and we are happy to help!

Give us a call if you ever need us.

*Essential plan customers can get phone support, when needed, as an add-on of $99 per incident.

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