Social Recruiting – The Value of Facebook In Talent Acquisition

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Facebook is still the largest social media platform with almost three times as many users as other platforms including LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. While user engagement is stagnant on other sites, Facebook’s level of engagement continues to grow with a current rate of 70% of users engaging daily. Marketing has certainly found a venue for success as Facebook campaigns launch products and services directly into users newsfeeds. How has this segued into potential for talent acquisition?

LinkedIn has become the go-to tool for social recruiting, specifically social talent acquisition. But why center a campaign just on LinkedIn when Facebook has a larger presence? If not being done already, how can organizations tap into this resource? How can you not embrace Facebook for recruitment when 84% of all social media users ONLY use Facebook?!

Blogger Jessica Miller-Merrell created a post that highlights 5 ways to use social media in hiring and recruiting:

Social media sourcing: Recruiting teams everywhere are taking advantage of the candidate information being shared online, but they’re using it in pretty creative ways. The plethora of social networks out there allow you to not only engage with candidates but also monitor their professional activities, research their expertise and habits and even see what events they attend, both online and in person. Getting to know a potential candidate before they ever walk through the door can lead to better hiring decisions.

Real-time focus group: If you’re not using social to listen to your candidates, competitors and current employees, you’re missing out on valuable, free research. Get out there and see what people are saying about your company, what your competitors are offering and what potential candidates want.

Employment Branding: Your employment brand is the public’s view of your company as an employer, and these days it’s based largely on your social presence. It’s your job to shape and influence that brand, so use your social presence to build it. There are robust strategies for employment branding, but you can start with three simple things: consistency across all channels, perfecting the tone of your messaging and creating a network of people who are advocates of your employment brand, such as current employees.

Engagement: Break through the clutter of your social networks and engage your networks. Video broadcasting apps like Meerkcat and Periscope are the newest way to engage, but you should also consider consistent engagement opportunities like a Twitter chat. Remember though that while these are great tools, you don’t own the network but are just renting space. To have more control over your community, consider a talent network just for your company.

Job Distribution: We’ve evolved past just the time when we simply receive information. We want to engage with it. Candidates want to talk to recruiters, not just follow an account that only blasts out new career site job opportunities. Use your social networks as a way to engage in discussions about job postings as well as discussions outside those specific job opportunities. Social recruiting is just as much about building a pipeline of candidates for the future as it is about filling open positions.

How can you take some of these tips above and apply them specifically to Facebook? While Facebook may not be the end-all, be-all solution for social recruiting, it is an important staple in any social recruiting campaign if only for the sheer popularity of the site. Ability to reach and connect with an audience is key. For more information on using Facebook to recruit, stay tuned for next week’s article “Social Recruiting – 6 Facebook Apps for Talent Acquisition.”


Traci Kingery, PHR is an HR Professional and freelance writer based in the Midwest, specializing in immigration and talent management. When she’s not improving unemployment, she keeps busy with her husband and four children.

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