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Staffing and RPO firms help clients hire great talent. BrightMove goes a step further and helps firms find clients and start building new relationships. Our BrightMatch tool actually assists in client lead generation while a configurable sales pipeline tracks new business opportunites and future growth.

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Sales and CRM

BrightMove can bring your recruiters and sales personnel together and have them working productively and efficiently in one software application.

Manage prospective new business with Opportunities- a customizable sales pipeline. Monitor the value of your prospective business, assign close percentages to sales stages and track the weighted value of the prospective business.

Grow the prospective account with new contacts and connections as you build out the potential engagement. Record correspondence, track activities and collaborate with teammates as you work to close the sale.

Upon closing new business, easily turn Opportunity line items into open jobs and assign them to recruiters.

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Imagine a time when you have a fantastic candidate but unfortunately, you do not currently have a position you can place them in.

BrightMatch is a business development tool that will allow you to take that candidate, and his or her skill set, and match them up with current open jobs at over 20,000 companies.

BrightMatch will link you directly to the open job on the company website, where all you have left to do is reach out and make contact with a hiring manager.

Another creative way to utilize BrightMatch is to run a similar search and replace an individual's skills with any set of skills you are typically successful with placing into jobs. Build out a lead list in just minutes.

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