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As many people are hearing through industry channels, Bullhorn has acquired two other staffing software vendors, Sendouts and Maxhire. Here at BrightMove, we think this is a great opportunity for companies to start asking some big questions about what to do next.

Do I want to risk being forced onto a new platform in the next couple of months or years? Should I start looking at newer options?

According to an article posted on, Bullhorn has indicated there will be a two year period of stagnation while features are merged into one platform which we can guess will be the current Bullhorn platform. Do you truly believe that things are going to go this smoothly?

Is the new solution going to address the need to run on Mac and other browsers?
This has been a long running challenge, and companies need to go where the talent is. With Chrome becoming the top browser on the Internet, a cross browser platform is a must. BrightMove supports all of the major browsers and operating systems.

Do I want to wait to see what happens and be potentially forced onto a solution that does not fit my long term needs?
The last thing companies want is to be forced into a new solution at the last minute. Now is a great time to plan and execute to stay ahead of any potential challenges.

How much is it going to cost me internally, to change to whatever this new merged solution is going to be?
With change comes change management and potential cost that can affect the bottom line.  Now is a great time to evaluate options.

BrightMove is offering free data conversion options to all current customers of Bullhorn, Maxhire and Sendouts. We will typically meet or beat your current pricing.
Don’t take our word for it, let the past speak for itself.

BrightMove Users Enjoy:

–          Access to over 1000 resume sources with every license.
–          Free postings to most major free job sites.
–          Direct access to LinkedIn searching inside the core platform.
–          Complete support for Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Chrome on any operating system.
–          Direct MS Exchange integration (Q1 2013) that doesn’t require any plugins to Outlook.
–          Free tools to help you find new clients using your talent pool.

Now is a great time to turn a potential nightmare into a big win. BrightMove has been around since 2005 and is a privately held company based in Saint Augustine Beach, Florida. BrightMove also offers a complete suite of Recruiting, Onboarding and Staffing Software for 3rd Party Recruitment, RPO and Corporate HR customers.

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