Is Flashy Flash Driven Recruiting Software Safe?

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By Michael Brandt – COO – BrightMove Recruiting Software

Having been in the HCM space for well over a decade, I follow the software technology change in recruiting and talent management software quite heavily and have recently really been interested in the move to use Flash by many vendors as a means to add some sex appeal to their user interface. I have loved Flash for a while now and still do, but with the inherent security concerns in recruiting and handling of employee information, I have worried that companies were opening themselves up a new can of worms by allowing a client interfaces such as flash into the equation. Turns out, we weren’t the only company to have concerns about Flash’s security.

I came across this new article that really brings out some of what could happen using Flash:

BrightMove has intentionally stayed away from relying heavily on flash because of our security concerns for our customers but also because we feel it adds unneeded overhead back on the client.

You be the judge, but ask yourself two questions?

  • How important is a flashy interface over good recruitment without the risk?
  • What is your liability should someone compromise data through a flash interface?

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