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Issue 23 | BrightForms

Within the Version 16 release, we added a way to replace your default portal application, onboarding and more. BrightForms allows you to build your own custom application or form by updating the look and content.

This feature allows you to make the hiring process smoother with new hire paperwork along with follow-up forms after a candidate submits the initial application.

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We made this feature seamlessly integrate into your existing Submittal Workflow. This is perfect as an onboarding tool. The submittal workflow will automatically send out a form when a candidate is placed into a specific status.

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BrightForms is priced at $29.99 per published form, per month. However, if you will need many forms we offer an unlimited form package for $99 per month. This will allow you to publish up to that amount each month. This is an excellent value since you only pay a monthly fee for the form, not the number of times it is utilized. Reach out to customer support to ask about your subscription.

Connect with us and stay-tuned as we’ve got lots in the pipeline this year:

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