How to Improve Job Descriptions: Practical Tips

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How to improve job descriptions: practical tips

by Jessica Gust

No business is a success without the right employees. No matter how adept and skilled management and boardroom bosses are, without the right employees working day in and day out, you won’t see the results that you desire.

The fact is to succeed you need to hire the right people, but before you can do that you need to attract their interest through well-placed ads on job boards, your website, and social media. Sounds simple enough right? But here is where a lot of companies fall flat on their face.

Without knowing it some companies self-sabotage their hiring strategies by posting unattractive job descriptions. If you want to ensure that you are attracting the right candidates this article is for you because in this post you will see some practical tips on how to improve your job descriptions.

Remember to include key words

You’d be surprised by the amount of job descriptions that leave out key words that are specifically designed to attract candidates. Not only do keywords make candidates understand the job a lot better but they also help them to find the description in the first place. More often than not a candidate looking for a job will hunt for positions by searching for relevant words on Google.

So, for example, if you are looking for a software developer, be sure to include that in the title of your job description which will attract job hunters in that field. It’s also worth noting the effect of being super specific too. If you need a software developer with a certain set of skills make sure you include the skills that you want either in the title or within the text.

Stand out from the crowd

Unfortunately, the perfect candidate won’t be just looking to your company for a job position. On average someone looking for a job will search through at least 10 job posts before even responding to one. The recruiting market is a very crowded one, which means that you have to stand out from the competition to get a better response rate.

Look at similar job descriptions and try to find a new angle that sets you apart. You could add humor, include a video link or photos, just aim to be different.

Communicate company values and culture

A job description is your opportunity to make a lasting impression on your candidate. Show them why they need to choose you over fifty other companies by conveying your office culture as well as your company’s values. Make sure you add all relevant information about the position and don’t be afraid to add interactive content to give your post a little boost.

Make it enjoyable to read

Making the tone and content of your job description easy and enjoyable to read is a very important tip. As I mentioned above prospective candidates will be looking at a lot of posts in a day, and won’t have time for a job description that is poorly written or unattractive. Proof-read as much as possible, avoid business jargon, and do your best to convey a welcoming tone instead of a judgemental one.

Make it smartphone friendly

Finally, if you want to reach as many people as possible, make sure that your job description posts are all mobile friendly. In today’s smartphone-driven culture prospective candidates do everything on their phones, including job hunting. So, if your post can’t be read via a smartphone you will lose a large chunk of the group you are targeting.

As you can see from reading the above tips it’s very easy to write out a job description that no one will be interested in reading. To get the right candidates you have to take time and effort to make it eye-catching as well as relevant to the group that you wish to attract. Be sure to take note of the above guidelines the next time you find yourself writing out a job description and put the advice into practice to get the best results.

Jessica Gust is a Marketing Assistant at– a new postcode finder. She is passionate about new marketing strategies, she is always eager to share her ideas through blogging.

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