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by Traci K and BrightMove Applicant Tracking and Recruiting Software

Phil Mogilev, a Sales Manager for LinkedIn, recently published a series of Case Studies in support of LinkedIn recruiting solutions that showcases issues companies that came to them for help, were having in recruitment and the solutions LinkedIn provided them. Results are also provided in this presentation posted on the site Slideshare, but as with many statistics, you might be wise to consider them carefully. Regardless of opinion on the stated facts, looking over the content will get your wheels spinning if you are stuck in a hiring and selection rut. Keep in mind as well that the timeframe between solution implementation and achievement of results is unknown.


  • Challenge: Reduce costs and improve quality of candidates
  • Solution: Create a Career Page to showcase career opportunities and the company’s work environment
  • Result:
    • L’Oréal Australia saved an estimated 20,000 Australian Dollars in recruitment fees on a single hire
    • L’Oréal’s Career page show business and personal credibility through LinkedIn
    • L’Oréal sourced 90 top profile candidates in less than five months using LinkedIn

Sony Electronics

  • Challenge: Revamping Sony’s employment brand and driving better recruitment by doing more with less
  • Solution: Transform the company’s employment brand using a LinkedIn Career Page and InMail messaging
  • Result:
    • Found 25% of its hires in 5 months
    • Faster time to hire: Sourced 2 positions quicker than their agency
    • Turned to LinkedIn Jobs Network and Work with Us ads to tap employee networks and scale recruiting efforts


  • Challenge: Establish a formalized recruitment process and gain brand recognition
  • Solution: Build a robust pipeline of passive talent to keep pace with company expansion
  • Result:
    • Reduced third-party recruiting and job board spend by finding 25 percent of hires via LinkedIn
    • Enhanced messaging and built interest among the qualified passive talent pool
    • Synchronized recruiting team activities to build a transparent talent identification cycle.
    • Career Page built brand awareness on a grand scale, reflecting its core values


  • Challenge: Battling for top talent in a highly competitive banking, financial services and insurance sector
  • Solution: Leverage LinkedIn as a powerful social media tool to target an unexplored pool of passive candidates
  • Result:
    • Achieved 400 percent ROI using LinkedIn Recruiter
    • Actively engaged passive candidates for niche and mid-level positions, profoundly impacting its recruiting strategy
    • Built an active presence on LinkedIn to create branding and awareness about career opportunities

U.S. Cellular

  • Challenge: Pinpoint hard-to-find professional and technical candidates in telecom for highly specialized roles
  • Solution: LinkedIn Recruiter as a replacement for “big boards”
  • Result:
    • Finding higher-quality candidates faster
    • Over $1M USD in annual savings


  • Challenge: Reach the best talent for vital director and executive roles, which tend to be passive job seekers
  • Solution: LinkedIn Jobs Network drives posts virally to the right candidates
  • Result:
    • Reaching higher-quality talent
    • Fills 60% of open high-level positions

This is only a portion of the companies represented in the slideshow, but it is evident of the potential that LinkedIn offers to support and streamline recruitment efforts. Even if the challenges these employers faced are not relatable to you specifically, the solutions should provide a good idea as to the services and possible results available through LinkedIn.

Traci K. is an HR professional and freelance writer based in the Midwest, specializing in recruitment and immigration.  When she’s not improving unemployment, she keeps busy with her husband and four children.


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