Evaluating Recruiting Software: Thoughts From a Non-Recruiter

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By Nanci Lamborn, SPHR – HR Leader and BrightMove Recruiting Software Blogger

I asked a non-recruiter software engineer to step into my shoes for a few minutes and wax philosophic on what he thought a business owner should consider when evaluating an Applicant Tracking System. After all, since I often live and breathe recruiting, it’s good to get an outside viewpoint especially from a technological guru. They often have such a fascinating perspective.

Like simplicity, for example. He said it would be really great to be able to maintain a specific list of required skillsets for each of the job openings to be filled, and to be able to instantly scan a database to find matches to those skillsets or vice-versa.

And automation, for example. The ability to automatically generate detailed screening internal questionnaires to candidates, or automatically generate applicant correspondence in certain situations would be a useful feature. And while we’re on the automation concept, an automatic job posting process to get a job out to multiple websites all in a single step would be beneficial.

Or like how different data entry points could integrate into one database, for example, to be able to receive candidate information from multiple methods. Not every candidate will toss their hat into the applicant ring in the same way, so creating an avenue to capture them via direct email entry, v-card, custom url entry on my home page, and then directing all of these back into the same database would be helpful.

The ability to clearly identify the “Do Not Hire” applicants (maybe like some of these horror story sots, for example http://tinyurl.com/cslknm) , and to identify duplicate repeater types so we’re not reviewing the same resume every six weeks from here until 2012 would also be a plus. And that identification element should automatically include specifying where a resume came from so the company knows what their best sources are.

The guru also mentioned that good reporting analysis tools to figure out how long a job has been open would be valuable, as would applicant background information, maybe an instant way to check out a candidate online to see their LinkedIn page information or whatever else is available.

After the philosophic waxing session was complete, my engineer guru friend seemed to need some sort of feedback as to my perception of the results of my fishing expedition. I rather enjoyed his surprise when I responded that he hadn’t described anything that my system wasn’t already capable of doing.

Score another one for the home team!

Based in Atlanta, GA, Nanci Lamborn, SPHR, is a freelance human resources writer and a senior generalist with a global investment technology firm where it’s an awesome place to work. (Follow: http://twitter.com/TheHRLadi)

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