Integration Partners

BrightMove integrates with a large number of complementary software services. Additionally, through customized webhooks and connector services like Zapier, this list is constantly expanding.

Job Distribution

BrightMove sends out a job feed to all of the following vendors to be picked up and listed on their job boards: Direct Employer (HR Only), JustJobs, SimplyHired, Glassdoor,, Yakaz, TrovIt, BetterJobs, Oodle and OLX. BrightMove users must adhere to the terms of service of the particular website to ensure a particular job board picks up and lists the jobs created in BrightMove. We also integrate with the paid boards below.

Web Automation

BrightMove integrates with Zapier and can potentially be connected with hundreds of software options (These connections are called Zaps). The Zapier connections listed below are just a few BrightMove's 'Zap' possibilities.

Reporting & Analytics

BrightMove has a robust set of configurable reports build into the system. Additionally, as of May 2017, a comprehensive Ad Hoc reporting module is being tested for public release. We also integrate with the vendors below for expanding reporting capability.

Assessments and Background Screening

The following integrations can be incorporated into the hiring workflow inside BrightMove.

Email, Calendar And SMS Text Messaging

BrightMove integrates directly with the software listed below. Additionally, by taking advantage of Zapier's connectors, BrightMove can be integrated with Google, Google Calendar, and a variety of other email and calendar possibilities.

Multi-Language Support

BrightMove is not available in multiple languages. We do, however, partner with a great vendor that allows you to translate the BrightMove pages in real time as you work in BrightMove. You can even tab between languages with a click of the mouse. LocalizeJS even allows you to manage your own translation library.

Video Interviewing

BrightMove Partnered with SparkHire to give you the ability to work Video Interviews into your Hiring Workflow.

Back Office

BrightMove can build custom feeds to moved new hire data from BrightMove a wide variety of Back Office systems. As of 2017, our Zapier integration can connect users to both QuickBooks Online, and Xero. We also have integrations with the vendors below.