Professional Resume Writer: Do You Need One?

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Do You Need a Professional Resume Writer? 

More likely than not, you don’t cut your own hair, you don’t stitch your own clothes, and you don’t cobble your own shoes – so why do you write your own professional resume writerresume? Most job hunters want to present their best selves during the application process. Just as showing up with crumpled hair, sweat pants, and flip flops probably won’t earn you the position you want, submitting a sub-par resume is basically asking to be overlooked.

Resumes might seem like simple documents, but in truth, they will be the most important item in your application packet. A one-page resume should summarize who you are and what you can do by explaining your past experiences. You want to be concise and descriptive, professional and approachable all at once – and not many people can achieve such a feat.

If you aren’t a good writer at the best of times, you might not be prepared for the challenge of writing a stand-out resume. In that case, you need a professional resume writer. These professionals are abundantly familiar with the application process and know what hiring managers are looking for in application materials and applicants. Most will draft a resume for you for a flat rate – but they can also provide other career services you might need. If you’re wondering whether professional resume writers are worth the money, consider these major benefits:

They Know the Language of Resumes

You wouldn’t know where to start with a book about ornithology. A white paper on control systems engineering would sound like gibberish to you. You couldn’t even come close to writing a few coherent sentences in Russian. Therefore, you already know that the first step to competent writing is understanding the correct terminology.

Resumes use a jargon all their own, and as with other forms of technical writing, you must master that language before your resume is intelligible and valuable. Unfortunately, the language of resumes is more subtle and precise than that of bird-watching, engineering, or foreign tongues. Thus, many job-seekers wrongly believe they are fluent in resume writing, when in fact it takes concerted effort to detect and take in the style. Resume professionals have spent years studying resume form and function, which makes them better equipped at creating a resume than you ever will be.

They Know What’s Trending

While resumes do claim a time-honored, traditional format – one page, education and work experience, dates and contact information, etc. – they also are subject to trends like any other human creation. For example, different fonts go in and out of style; chronological and functional formats swap importance every few years; the objective statement is more or less useful; and more. Appearing up-to-date with your employer is more important than you might expect, so it is vital to know what resume rules you should adhere to and which you can ignore for now.

Professional resume writers are aware of all the latest resume trends, so they can help you look incredibly stylish on paper. While they focus on integrating QR codes and adding your social media profiles, you can focus on looking stylish in real life – for your interviews, of course.

They Know How to Cover Employment Issues

Maybe your GPA is low, or maybe you’ve hopped jobs every nine months since you were 16. Most job seekers have at least one embarrassment in their employment or education history, and hiring managers are particularly adept at locating that stain and asking pointed questions about it.

Resume writers know the art of covering up potentially harmful issues on your resume. With proper wording and precise formatting choices, they can make you seem like a spotless employee. Then, all you need to do is avoid bringing up your issues during your interview, and your untarnished reputation will hold true.

They Can Get You Interviews

If it’s been a while since you’ve spoken to a hiring manager face-to-face, you should get the hint that something is wrong with your application materials. Because you have the most control over your resume, you should start fixing that first. Not only does a professionally written resume help you look more attractive to prospective employers, but resume writers will tailor your resume to individual jobs, helping you get at least one foot in the door of the interview room.

A professional resume writer can’t ensure you get a job, but they do bring you substantially closer to one. If you want your job hunt to be fast and easy, you need a perfect resume – and for that, you need a professional resume writer.

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