Perk Trends: What’s New in Benefits?

Perk Trends:  What’s New in Benefits? With the squeeze for top talent, companies are looking for perks to help them stay afloat in the candidate pool. For many jobs, there are still many more qualified applicants than needed, but for niche positions, in IT or engineering, the battle for specialized talent is real. Once onboard, […]

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The Right Way to Ask About an MBA

The Right Way to Ask About an MBA – contributed by Tiffany Rowe As a recruiter, when you see those three amazing letters on your applicant’s resume, you might be tempted to hire that candidate then and there. An MBA is certainly an outstanding qualification for many jobs: It shows interest, perseverance, and stability, at […]

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job description
Job Description – Five Winning Rules to Follow

Do You Follow These Five Rules to Create a Winning Job Description? When you need to find a great candidate to fill a crucial position, the first step is to write a compelling job description. The question is – how? Job description best practices:  What are we here for? Too often, team leaders or hiring […]

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Planning – Future Proof Your Recruiting Strategy

Planning – Future Proof Your Recruiting Strategy Start planning today for the workforce you need tomorrow. The long view is important in any industry.  We talked earlier about a report from the World Economic Forum (WEF) that discussed industries likely to be impacted for the better—and the worse—in the next three to five years. While […]

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graduate certificates
Graduate Certificates That Boost Your Business Resume

5 Graduate Certificates That Boost Your Business Resume Contributed by Tiffany Rowe You already know that returning to school could help you on your career path, but committing two (or more!) years of your life as well as thousands of dollars on tuition probably does not fit into your 10-year plan. Fortunately, there is a […]

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Terminating Employees: When Retention is Not the Problem

When Retention is Not the Problem: Terminating Employees Not all hiring decisions are good ones.  Even though you have checks, balances, and interview protocols in place, sometimes a hire just does not work out.  When you need to separate from an employee, make sure you do it the right way. As former recruiters, we understand […]

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about to quit
How to Tell When a Valuable Employee is About to Quit

How to Tell When a Valuable Employee is About to Quit (and What to Do About It) Recognizing when a valuable team member is about to quit could help you craft a solution before it is too late. Workforce retention is a big deal.  As we have discussed before, the cost, time, and energy it […]

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interview topics
Let’s Not Go There: Interview Topics to Avoid

Let’s Not Go There:  Interview Topics to Avoid Whether you are an experienced or brand new hiring manager, it is important to understand the interview topics and questions to avoid asking job candidates. At one time or another in social and professional interactions, many people ask inappropriate questions.  However, when interviewing a job applicant, asking […]

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job candidates
Job Candidates That Stand Out—The Wrong Way

Job Candidates That Stand Out—The Wrong Way A recent survey illustrates just how far some job candidates go to get noticed. As recruiters, we understand the sometimes delicate dance between job candidates and client companies.  Before ATS software, some of the best advice to give a potential candidate was to follow up personally after an […]

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best practices
Measuring Up—Hiring Best Practices

Measuring Up—Hiring Best Practices A new study offers insight into best practices for recruiting and onboarding high quality candidates. Mid-2016, the job marketplace continues to challenge recruiters and Human Resources professionals seeking to hire.  According to a new report from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), more than 60 percent of hiring professionals are […]

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