salary negotiation
Interview Topics: Rethinking Salary Questions

Interview Topics:  Rethinking Salary Questions How much are you paid?  Employers and HR in Massachusetts can no longer ask applicants this question—and the trend may gain national momentum. As a recruiter or hiring manager, understanding salary history is an important piece of the employment puzzle. Most applicants dread the question, fearing a low current salary […]

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Get Attention With Social Media Marketing

Contributed by David Iwanow – Get Attention With Social Media Marketing Social media sites allow for global communication that is innovative, fun, and instant. If you want to take advantage of this global marketplace and use it to increase business, then you need an effective marketing campaign. In this article, we will discuss some of the […]

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females science technology
Competitive Tech Ninja Wanted: Females Need Not Apply

Competitive Tech Ninja Wanted:  Females Need Not Apply Interested in recruiting top female engineers?  It could come down to your choice of words. Research points to a downturn in the number of women seeking careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields.  A study from the American Association of University Women (AAUW) points out […]

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Top Dog: Who Gets Hired in the C-Suite?

Top Dog:  Who Gets Hired in the C-Suite? Whether you are aiming for the C-suite, or hiring for it, the path to the top may be easier with a varied skill set instead of a career-long procession through the ranks. Advancing to the executive suite, or any significant leadership role, is a career goal for […]

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Artificial Intelligence
Things to Know Right Now about Artificial Intelligence

Things to Know Right Now about Artificial Intelligence Keep your recruiting and business development vision clear by understanding the direction and growing impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the economy. We talked earlier about innovations in AI that will certainly displace jobs.  In October, a report from the White House took that conversation further, laying […]

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Marketing Tactics That Work for Recruiting, Too

4 Tried-and-True Marketing Tactics That Work for Recruiting, Too  Contributed by Tiffany Rowe Once you consider it, you’ll realize how much recruiting new talent has in common with marketing new products. The similarities vastly outweigh the differences; in both endeavors, you must: Understand your target audience Achieve appropriate visibility Win interest and loyalty Sell brand […]

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Long-Term Unemployed
Long-term Unemployed – A Place in Your Workspace?

Long-term Unemployed—Is There a Place in Your Workspace? Long-term unemployment and underemployment (LTU) is a problem for workers, the country, and businesses that need the skills, education, and experience of workers unable to crack the job market. With aggressive technological and commercial development, experienced, skilled workers are needed to step into spaces that are novel […]

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Perk Trends: What’s New in Benefits?

Perk Trends:  What’s New in Benefits? With the squeeze for top talent, companies are looking for perks to help them stay afloat in the candidate pool. For many jobs, there are still many more qualified applicants than needed, but for niche positions, in IT or engineering, the battle for specialized talent is real. Once onboard, […]

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The Right Way to Ask About an MBA

The Right Way to Ask About an MBA – contributed by Tiffany Rowe As a recruiter, when you see those three amazing letters on your applicant’s resume, you might be tempted to hire that candidate then and there. An MBA is certainly an outstanding qualification for many jobs: It shows interest, perseverance, and stability, at […]

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job description
Job Description – Five Winning Rules to Follow

Do You Follow These Five Rules to Create a Winning Job Description? When you need to find a great candidate to fill a crucial position, the first step is to write a compelling job description. The question is – how? Job description best practices:  What are we here for? Too often, team leaders or hiring […]

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