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Website To Watch: InternMatch Focuses On The User Experience (1 of 2)

By BrightMove | April 4, 2012

Though around for a while, for those organizations that are not in the business of hiring interns by the masses, intern specific websites may be a new concept.

Spring Has Sprung: How Time Of Year Affects Recruitment

By BrightMove | April 4, 2012

The end of winter and the signs of spring bring about the busy season for many recruiters. Though every industry and organization is different (for instance, retail recruitment shoots up right before the holiday season), for countless companies, warmer weather means an increase in headcount.

BrightMove Announces the Release of BrightMove Unite

By David Webb | March 29, 2012

BrightMove, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of BrightMove Unite, an all free job distribution and analytics tool for recruiters. BrightMove Unite will enable recruiters, either 3rd party recruiters, or in-house HR recruiters, to distribute jobs to most major social networks, and numerous free job boards. BrightMove Unite will be offered as a free tool, and will be available in BETA beginning March 29, 2012. The official launch of the product is scheduled for the ERE Expo ( in San Diego, CA, March 29-30.

BrightMove Recruiting Software Announces the Release of BrightMove Social Bar

By David Webb | March 29, 2012

BrightMove Recruiting Software Announces the Release of BrightMove Social Bar St Augustine, FL – BrightMove, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of BrightMove Social Bar. The Social Bar will enable users of the BrightMove’s applicant tracking systems to view Social Network profile data of candidates, managers and contacts, in real-time, directly in-line with the…

Should You Hire an Extrovert or an Introvert

By BrightMove | March 26, 2012

The key for recruiters is to find an employee that strikes the perfect balance between introversion and extroversion: someone who may be a little bit quirky and eccentric, who thinks independently and creatively, and may even conjure up some outrageous, outside-of-the-box business ideas, yet can also fit seamlessly into the company, department, and position; and ultimately work as a team.

Human Capital Management Part One: Trending Toward Retention

By BrightMove | March 26, 2012

The focus for 2012 is shifting towards retention and overall human capital management (HCM), including a continued concentration on smarter hiring.

Talent First: Human Capital Management And Engaging Employees Are Pieces To The Integrated Talent Management Puzzle

By BrightMove | March 12, 2012

Aberdeen Group, a business research and analysis company, recently released a series of reports highlighting the primary focus of organizations for the upcoming year: Retention.

Recognize To Engage: How Recognition and Engagement Can Keep Critical Talent

By BrightMove | March 12, 2012

Strategies to increase retention are now becoming the top priority for businesses looking to not only survive the rebounding economy, but grow and prosper. Aberdeen Group, a research and analysis company, recently published a brief on engaging employees. The report included a breakdown of items companies have identified as pressing growth and performance challenges for their businesses.

How To Hire A College Graduate

By BrightMove | March 7, 2012

They are eager to please, full of energy, optimism, and new ideas, but are these young twenty-something’s ready to enter the workplace? A typical college graduate has been in a college microcosm for the last four years, fresh from fraternities, sororities, campuses, classrooms, and dormitories. Suddenly, a student’s world changes from a carefree college kid to a full-time employee.

Retention Is Key: Companies Shift Focus From Sourcing and Hiring to Retaining Talent

By BrightMove | February 21, 2012

In 2011, the recognition of a lackluster candidate talent pool was reflected in the concentration organizations gave (and still give) to sourcing and hiring methods. Attracting passive candidates, identifying the potential in applicants rather than simply focusing on lacking experience, these were always strategies, but did not get as much attention in overall strategic planning when great applicants were easier to find.

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