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Using Online Videos For Recruitment

By BrightMove | February 1, 2012

Recruitment videos are not so much a new idea as they are just now becoming properly utilized by organizations.

Vital Virals: Recruitment Strategies Include Online Videos

By BrightMove | January 20, 2012

Marketing is first and foremost about visibility. It doesn’t matter if you have a solid brand or whether you have done your homework and developed a campaign to appeal to a targeted market. If your work is never seen, it won’t make a difference.

Dude. Your Candidate Has a Medical Marijuana Card. Now What?

By David Webb | January 18, 2012

After setting up a round of interviews for an open drafter position located in Los Angeles, CA, the hiring manager left me a concerned voicemail. “A candidate came in for an interview and asked if we require a pre-employment drug screen. Once confirmed, he stated that he has an MMJ (Medical Marijuana) Card. How should I proceed?”

Think Glocal: HR and Talent Management Forecast for 2012

By BrightMove | January 11, 2012

Whether accountabilities are analyzed by fiscal or calendar year, January nonetheless brings about a new sense of hope for opportunities throughout the year ahead. Recent years have come and gone in the same manner, each one beginning with our fingers crossed for the economy.

LinkedIn And Recruitment

By BrightMove | January 2, 2012

LinkedIn has propelled itself in recent years to become the second most used social media site in the U.S. for recruitment. Recruiters and their organizations have established profiles, often times extensively detailed, with connection numbers reaching in the thousands. In terms of setting up a network of contacts, LinkedIn has proved beneficial for recruitment as well as generating business for those in sales, marketing, and other fields.

Twitter And Recruitment

By BrightMove | January 2, 2012

We have progressed far enough into the age of online recruitment that utilizing social media is definitely not a new concept. However, many recruiters may underestimate the utility of Twitter with the highly informal setup and content limitations. Even with the 140 character limit, Twitter can generate a response if used correctly.

Is Your Recruitment Process Overly Reliant On Technology?

By BrightMove | December 20, 2011

Most businesses large enough to realize the cost benefits of technological advances to recruitment have implemented at least a few of these options. Applicant Tracking Systems are a prime example of a way employers are streamlining procedures

Who Do You Know? Employee Referral Programs Go Online

By David Webb | December 15, 2011

While top-tier recruiters are constantly in search of the next best tactic for sourcing candidates, there
are certain methods that stand the test of time. Employee referrals have long been a favorite of hiring managers as probability shows us good employees are typically friends with other good employees. With the convenience that web-based programs provide and the advent of social networking, it only makes sense that the Employee Referral Process
(ERP) would make its way online.

How to Create an RSS Feed for Your Website

By BrightMove | December 14, 2011

by BrightMove Recruiting Software and Traci Kingery Once you’ve established the fact that an RSS feed would be a smart investment for our website, the next step is obviously to create one. For the non-tech savvy, creating a feed from scratch can be daunting. Service providers such as create feeds for you. There is also software…

It's Really Simple: RSS Feeds Offer A High Return on Investment

By BrightMove | November 30, 2011

Saving time and money is an epic battle dating back to beginning of time, or at least back to the beginning of money. We now live in a digital age where everything moves at a faster pace than ever before. In order to keep up, we must acclimate. For every old, tried-and-true method, there comes a time when a newer, better version takes its place.

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