recruitment videos
Make Your Recruitment Videos More Exciting

How To Make Your Recruitment Videos More Exciting & Less Dull  Contributed by guest writer: Tiffany Rowe Recruitment videos are some of the best resources for finding new talent. They can attract audiences using sight and sound and can generate and retain interest over long periods of time ― unless they are utterly, hopelessly boring. […]

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data breach
HR Tips for Preventing Data Breach by Social Engineering

HR Tips for Preventing Data Breach by Social Engineering If your organization or company has not yet been affected by a data breach associated with social engineering, it is only a matter of time. The cost of such a breach to a small company can bring financial ruin.  The average cost of a data breach, […]

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Recruiting videos
How To Boost Your Social Recruiting With Videos

How To Boost Your Social Recruiting With Videos Written and contributed by: James Pointon Broaden your applicant pool with a new take on media Today’s job recruiters are well aware that social media is a candidate gold mine. Platforms from LinkedIn to Facebook can yield a massive pool of highly qualified applicants, ensuring that employers […]

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HR Personnel - Slow Hiring Growth
No Change in the Weather

No Change in the Weather:  Hiring Remains Flat for HR Personnel A recent survey from the Society for Human Resource Management  (SHRM) offers insight into the current employment market for HR Personnel. As a prominent organization supporting the human resources space, SHRM develops research on matters of interest to the human resources field.  In this […]

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Parent Coaching
Parent Coaching: New Twist on an Old Perk

New Twist on an Old Perk:  Parent Coaching Family leave is not new—but some companies are helping top talent take full advantage of their time with Parent Coaching. “I want to stress the importance of being young and technical.  Young people are just smarter.”  Once young, Harvard drop-out Mark Zuckerberg is now a father, and […]

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BrightMove 13.0 Release Set for August 6, 2016

The redesigned BrightMove 13 user experience is being released on August 6th, 2016! BrightMove release 13 has new, streamlined profiles so you can work more quickly and efficiently in the software.  The BrightMove Team put a lot of thought into placing things where you can easily find them and readily know what they are. But […]

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Do You Pay Enough to Retain Your Talent?

Do You Pay Enough to Retain Your Talent? Unsteady economic conditions put pay and compensation practices all over the map.  Engagement, benefits, and bonuses are all part of the picture.  How do you know the appropriate pay levels that will attract the talent you want to hire? In the last decade, some of the mystery […]

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HR Tips
HR Tips for Keeping Cool as the Election Year Heats Up

HR Tips for Keeping Cool as the Election Year Heats Up. In a tumultuous election year, keep distraction—and workplace political conflict—to a minimum. Regardless of your side of the aisle, the months leading up to the November 2016 election are going to be a roller-coaster.  In a world shaken by terrorism, record numbers of migrants […]

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Time on the Clock: Understanding New Overtime Rules

In May, the Obama Administration announced a long-expected update to federal overtime regulations.  Sending ripples throughout the workforce, the rule revisions have a broad impact on how work is performed—and who is doing it. The final rule  was announced following a public comment period between July and September, 2015.  During that time, more than 270,000 […]

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The Difference Between “Top” & the “Right” Talent

A tight talent pool presses human resource managers and recruiters to fill positions created by vacancies and skills gaps.  Is there a difference between “top” talent and the “right” talent for your company? As former recruiters, we understand the need for speed and structure during the hiring cycle. Our recruiting and staffing software is designed […]

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