Make Your Recruitment Videos More Exciting

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How To Make Your Recruitment Videos More Exciting & Less Dull 

Contributed by guest writer: Tiffany Rowe

Recruitment videos are some of the best resources for finding new talent. They can attract audiences using sight and sound and can generate and retain interest over long periods of time ― unless they are utterly, hopelessly boring.

Though you might assume video is inherently engaging, a number of production mistakes can put viewers to sleep no matter what your topic is. To ensure your fast-moving job-hunting audience pays close attention to your clips, you should keep in mind the following tips and tricks that make recruitment videos exciting and fun.

Be Creative

Surprisingly, this advice is often taken for granted. When your video has a purpose ― especially a cut-and-dry purpose, like recruit new potential workers ― you might forget that you are competing with millions of other videos online for a precious few number of web users. It is easy to copy popular formats or poach elements from viral videos, but doing anything that has been done before isn’t generally a method for success and could put off quality recruits. Instead, you must be exceedingly creative and particularly daring if you want to attract potential recruits. It might feel like a major gamble to go with a crazy idea, but that crazy idea will probably bring in crazy viewing numbers.

Plan Intros and Outros

While today’s social media demands quick action to grab users’ attention, there is a difference between piquing curiosity and skipping a vital section of a video. When videos skip intros and dive straight into the substance, users are more likely to be confused and scroll past; Users need at least a few seconds of introduction to understand the purpose of the video and prepare themselves for the upcoming content. You should strive to make your intro unique, but you can also use templates or online intro-makers for an inexpensive, easy solution.

Outros aren’t quite as important as introductions, but most users expect some type of signal that the video is complete. You can recycle a segment of your introduction during the outro, but you should also include action points, including contact information, to help your viewers do something with their newfound knowledge; maybe point them in the direction of next steps they might need to take.

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Use Cool Graphics

A video of a single person standing still and talking in monotone is not one destined to become popular. Users like movement and color, which means to make your videos eye-catching and interesting, you need animated graphics. Animation seems difficult to produce, and indeed it is when you are striving to produce a long, intricate, entirely unique animated video. However, for your recruitment videos, you really only need a few graphic elements, for which you can easily make use of a simplified animated video maker available online. You can either include animated segments or apply animation directly to live-action clips to add motion and appeal to your videos.

Hire a Charming Host

Since you are the one recruiting new hires, you might assume that you are the one best suited to host your recruitment videos. However, this might not be the case. An interesting person can make any topic interesting; you might recall some of your best classes in high school or college, which might have been exceedingly dull subjects taught by enthusiastic instructors.

Similarly, the look and personality of your video’s host contributes mightily to how social media users perceive and interact with your videos. You might want to look around your office for the most vivacious employee or else hire a local actor to play the part.

Change Settings Frequently

Some of the most compelling dramas on TV and in movies frequently move their characters around to give the sense of a progressing story. You can use the same concept in your recruitment video to keep your viewers’ attention. Instead of placing your host in front of a blank wall, you should strive to add variety to his or her background. Whether you wander through your offices, establish scenes on different studio sets, or cut to various outdoor spaces, changing your setting makes your video exciting and keeps viewers engaged.

Choose a Good Streaming Service

Because social media is an invaluable recruitment tool, it goes without saying that you will post clips and links to your videos on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other popular social networking sites. However, before you do this, you must consider which streaming service is best for hosting your complete video. Though constant buffering and lagging might cause users to remember your videos, that’s definitely not how you want them to be remembered; so choose wisely.

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