It's Really Simple: RSS Feeds Offer A High Return on Investment

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by BrightMove Recruiting Software and Traci Kingery

Saving time and money is an epic battle dating back to beginning of time, or at least back to the beginning of money. We now live in a digital age where everything moves at a faster pace than ever before. In order to keep up, we must acclimate. For every old, tried-and-true method, there comes a time when a newer, better version takes its place.

Job boards are used in recruitment, not so much as an avenue for candidates to apply, but more so with the intent of reaching out to as many people as possible. Spreading the word about your opening will generate interest from multiple sources, not just those reading your advertisement. It doesn’t matter how they apply; it only matters that they apply. While job boards represent the tried-and-true method, a more innovative way to get the job reach you’re looking for may have arrived with RSS feeds.

What is an RSS feed?

RSS is now known to stand for Really Simple Syndication. It’s a format used to publish regularly updated online content, such as blogs, news sites, and other publishers on the web. Whether full text or summary, the document generated is called an RSS feed and allows viewing by multiple programs though it is only published one time. Publishers can automatically syndicate content for whoever wants it and readers can receive updates from numerous websites or other feeds in one central location.

Why are RSS feeds appealing to readers?

The day of bookmarking your favorite web pages and manually retrieving updated content is over. RSS saves time and hassle by achieving the retrieval of updated content and packaging it in one nice, neat place. The number of websites offering RSS feeds is growing by the day. Readers, which would include job seekers, want information and they want it quickly.

The perks of RSS feeds are abundant. They save readers time: no need to search every site; no wasted efforts on sites without updates; no complication or confusion from managing numerous sites; and a lesser chance of missing important information. They provide certain protections and privacy (ever important in the age of identity theft and other scams) by giving readers content without requiring them to provide their email to sign up for website newsletters or automatic updates.

Why are RSS feeds important to my business?

Though the current job market doesn’t permit candidates to be picky, there are certain companies that job seekers follow and certain keywords that are searched for in order to stay up-to-date on openings, even if they are passively looking. You want to be one of those companies and you want to be sure your job ads land in any RSS feeds potential candidates may subscribe to. Learning how to set up an RSS feed and applying it should, if implemented correctly, increase your job reach and quality of applicants.

What are the benefits of creating an RSS feed? lists a few perks to consider when deciding whether or not to create an RSS feed:

  • RSS Feed Aggregators are free
  • You can have your job posts on multiple RSS Feeds to reach a larger targeted audience
  • Subscribers to the RSS Feeds will be able to see your job positions immediately after you post them.
  • Most RSS Feeds are mobile friendly so subscribers can get the update to their mobile phones.  A candidate doesn’t have to be by their computer, they can be anywhere and get the job opening on their phone.

There are more arguments for creating a job feed than excuses for why you haven’t. The opportunity is there. The number of people you can reach is limitless and directly proportional to the number of feeds you are on. Get out there and feed your future employees.

Traci K. is an HR Professional and freelance writer based in the Midwest, specializing in recruitment and immigration.  When she’s not improving unemployment, she keeps busy with her husband and four children.



  1. Michael Wiley on December 1, 2011 at 12:09 pm

    I like RSS feeds but don’t see how my ROI would work for job postings via RSS feeds. The problem lies in the audience, which I feel is very limited, at least for me in the IT and Engineering realm.

  2. mbrandt on December 8, 2011 at 1:32 pm

    Read your comment on our blog. RSS feeds are great through sites like which will syndicate the feed out to over 25 networks. For example, we include RSS feeds on all of our customer portals so that they can syndicate.

    Mike Brandt
    BrightMove, Inc.

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