Save Time

You don't need us to tell you 'time is money'. Fewer clicks of the mouse, fast and reliable searching, and a streamlined hiring workflow are just a few examples of how BrightMove can save a recruiter time in the hiring process.

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Power Search

Thanks to BrightMove’s lightning-fast search engine, search results populate as you type, meaning no more wasting precious time for pages to load.

The Power Search feature in BrightMove contains filters that let you refine your search by any field on any profile in the system (name, location, notes, and even attachments are searchable).

The search result screen is configurable by the user to show only the data fields desired.

Once the results populate, you can quickly and easily perform any number of actions (send an SMS text message or submit to a job, for example) from a simple drop-down menu.

Boolean black-belts can switch Power Search into Expert Mode and build advanced boolean search strings to pinpoint the data they need.

All searches can be saved and easily accessed for future searching.

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Custom Submittal Workflow

From application to hire and every step in between, BrightMove's hiring workflow is completely configurable.

Replicate your current workflow in BrightMove, or get to work quickly utilizing the default workflow that is part of every new account.

Workflows can be as simple or elaborate as you design them to be.

Control which steps are required to advance candidates through the hiring pipeline.

Set up actions that are triggered as you navigate candidates through the hiring process.  Trigger emails and/or text messages as prospective hires move from one stage to the next.

Designate which stages of your workflow are tracked for Time-to-Hire reporting.

Generate placement records upon candidate placement that are retained on both the job and the candidate profile.

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webhook (also called a web callback or HTTP push API) is a way for one application to provide other applications with real-time information.

BrightMove's support of webhooks allows its users to create seamless integrations with external systems wherein we will automatically trigger on specific events and reach out to these third party systems to accomplish specific tasks.

With our ability to add custom webhooks for almost any given action taking place in BrightMove, our customers have unparalleled ability to link together the systems that help run their business.

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