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Have you ever opened a company career portal that didn’t look quite right? Perhaps it didn't exactly match the look and feel as the branded website? BrightMove’s Branded Company Career Portal integrates for a consistent look and experience, working seamlessly for ease use. They are fully configurable ensuring a smooth and simple applicant experience.

Keeping it simple yet powerful

Update your profile, check your status on a job you applied to, upload documents, take exams and even enter time sheets. BrightMove’s Branded Company Career Portal are mobile friendly with an easy quick apply method, so the applicant isn’t troubled with having to log in on the go.

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Do you need more functionality and features?

Expand on your needs and requirements by asking screening questions, set up multiple portals and do much more with BrightMove’s Branded Company Career Portal. It is completely up to the company's needs on how many features they need to set up or how simple they want to make the experience.

Stand out with your own custom portal by contacting BrightMove support.



David T. Webb

Co-founder and CEO BrightMove, Inc

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