SMS Messaging

Mobile Recruiting at Your Fingertips

To help recruiters stay ahead of the curve & better communicate with candidates how they want to be communicated with, BrightMove offers comprehensive SMS messaging functionality.

This optional service allows user to send SMS message directly from the BrightMove interface. The messages can be configured to be triggered at any point in the workflow and both inbound and outbound messages are recorded on the candidate profile.

Easy to create templates allow users to customize messages for any part of the hiring process.

Messages can be sent directly from the candidate profile.

Users can also send SMS messages to multiple candidates at the same time.

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Mobile Recruiting Statistics

Think mobile recruiting is a fad that will soon fade away? Think again.  According to recent research:

  • 86%  of active candidates use their smartphone to begin a job search.
  • 70% of active candidates want to apply via mobile.
  • 55% want to upload a ‘resume’ to your career site.

These features, and more, are available within BrightMove Staffing, BrightMove HR & BrightMove RPO.