Social Media Spotlight on Flickr

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Beginning with the post on social media site Vine, we are continuing in a series of posts dedicated to popular, up and coming social media sites. Let’s talk about Flickr.

What is the idea behind or purpose of Flickr?

Created in 2004 by Ludicorp, and purchased by Yahoo in 2005, Flickr has become a leader in the social media subset of photo sharing. Users share photos and connect through the posting of those images. Bloggers and websites use Flickr as a host for their embedded images. Flickr also hosts images for various other sites, such as Pinterest or Tumblr, as most of the content on their sites comes from a third party.

How many current Flickr users are there and/or how popular is Flickr?

In 2013, online news site The Verge provided statistics for Flickr, detailing that more than 8 billion photos uploaded from 87 million users could be found on Flickr. Over 3.5 million new images are said to be uploaded daily.

Why should you care about Flickr?

With the push toward mobile use, Flickr is trying to better position itself against others they share the photo space with, like Instagram. Marcus Spiering, Head of Product for Flickr, talks with The Verge about why Flickr matters:

“And the really amazing thing about Flickr is it’s bigger than Flickr itself. If you take a photo with a third party app like Hipstamatic and you simultaneously upload it to Flickr, and you go home and turn on your Apple TV — your photo is there, and it’s only because it’s on Flickr.”

With the continuous changes happening to Flickr (like the recent addition enabling photos to be inserted into comments), no wonder it’s still going strong after 10 years.

Flickr for recruitment?

Flickr is an obvious second-tier social media site (after Facebook, Twitter, etc.) where branding and unique recruitment techniques can be positioned. See recruitment examples from Joomla, American Girl and Linux, as well as a large campaign by Dice who has over 3,000 photos uploaded to Flickr. Think about how your organization can launch its own Flickr campaign.

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