Social Media Spotlight on Behance

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Continuing with the social media-centered series of posts dedicated to popular and up and coming social media sites, let’s talk about Behance.

What is the idea behind or purpose of Behance?

Behance is a portfolio platform used for those in creative industries (photography, graphic design, toy or industrial design, fashion, illustrators, web design, etc.) to showcase their talents and potentially secure work. The Behance self-proclaimed mission is “to empower the creative world to make ideas happen.” Behance was purchased by Adobe in December 2012, after which Adobe quickly started work on rolling out mobile apps in 2013.

How many current Behance users are there and/or how popular is Behance?

Behance keeps a running ticker of statistics relative to their site. As of April 3, 2014, there are just under 65 million images on the network, 172 countries represented, and 128 different creative fields represented.

Why should you care about Behance?

Website Creative Cloud User touts Behance as “the leading online community to showcase and discover creative work. Creatives update their work in one place to broadcast it widely and efficiently.” Since the acquisition, Behance’s original founder, Scott Belsky, was named the VP of Products-Community for Adobe; the total number of Behance users doubled (estimated at 2.5 million in February 2014).

Differentiating itself from the likes of Pinterest or Tumblr, Behance aims to remedy the problem of lack of attribution, which artists whose work is posted on other sites fall victim to. Forbes magazine highlights Belsky’s take on this:

‘“When attribution is not supported, opportunity is lost. The web has made it possible to get massive exposure for visual content, but often at the loss of the attribution of the person who created it. A truly connected portfolio website, like what Behance offers, provides accurate attribution and serves to build a user’s ‘creative graph.’ With the way that Behance is now integrated into Creative Cloud, more and more metadata about the work that people post will fill out their portfolios. The goal is that eventually, with more accurate and detailed attribution support, discovery will outpace referral as the way creatives find new work opportunities.”

Behance for recruitment?

Behance actually has a spot for employers to post open positions. You can also peruse user portfolios to find what you are looking for. To acknowledge someone’s work, you give them a thumbs up and “appreciate” it (similar to a Facebook “like”). The “Hiring Talent?” option boasts Behance job posting customers such as Google, Nike, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Sony, and EA Sports.

Traci Kingery, PHR is an HR Professional and freelance writer based in the Midwest, specializing in immigration and talent management. When she’s not improving unemployment, she keeps busy with her husband and four children.

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